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Legal Counsel

上海 1-1.5万/月

H.C. Starck 世泰科


外资(欧美)   |  50-150人   |  石油/化工/矿产/地质

3-4年经验 招聘1人 04-23发布



Main tasks of the position 主要工作内容

Provide legal advice to H.C. Starck entities in the PRC, including legal advice on special projects such as acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, etc. and provide management with legal opinions, analysis, recommendations, and status of all legal matters.

Prepare, negotiate, interpret, and assist in conclusion of contracts, in particular for the purchase and sale of goods and services, distribution, research and development, as required, with national and international business partners. Evaluate legal implications of agreements.

Provide legal advice on issues arising from actual or anticipated lawsuits and defend the company in legal matters pending before courts and other legal proceedings.

Assist in developing company policies and positions on legal issues to accomplish company objectives, minimizing potential legal liabilities. Preparation of corporate legal documents.

Necessary qualification for the job 必备资格

1.University degree and major in Legal

Pass PRC bar exam is a plus

2.3-5 years’ working experience in the international company organization, and additional working experience at State-owner company is a plus

3. Chinese (fluent); English (fluent) – excellent negotiation skills for both languages

4. Good knowledge of general corporate legal issues, drafting various types of agreements, risk management, contract management

职能类别: 法务主管/专员

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H.C. Starck a leading global player in developing and manufacturing high performance metal powders and ceramic powders as well as fabricated products
    Majority of the products are based on 5 technology metals with unique properties: Tantalum (Ta), Niobium (Nb), Tungsten (W), Molybdenum (Mo) and Rhenium (Re)
    H.C. Starck holds No. 1 market position in Tantalum powders, Tungsten powders, Tantalum sputter targets and Nickel Niobium
    A world leading of Advanced Metals & Ceramics Powders providers and recycler of technology metals
    Headquartered in Munich, Germany
    15 modern and well invested production sites across Europe, North America and Asia
    About 3,000 employees worldwide
    In China we have: H.C. Starck Trading(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ; H.C. Starck Specialty Materials (Taicang) Company Ltd. and H.C. Starck Jiangwu Tungsten Specialities (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd.

    公司产品主要以5种具有特性的技术金属为原料:钽(Ta)、铌(Nb)、钨(W)、钼(Mo)与铼(Re)
    世泰科的钽粉、钨粉、钽质溅射靶以及镍铌制品全球市场占有率排名第一
    全球领先的高级金属与陶瓷粉末的供应商以及技术金属循环利用商
    总部位于德国慕尼黑
    遍及欧洲、北美与亚洲的15座现代化生产基地
    全球3000名左右的员工
    在中国目前有:世泰科化工贸易(上海)有限公司,世泰科特种材料(太仓)有限公司,世泰科江钨特种钨(赣州)有限公司

* 提醒:用人单位招聘人才,以任何名义向应聘者收取费用都属于违法(如体检费、兼职淘宝刷钻等),请应聘者提高警惕!