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宁波-江北区 1-1.5万/月



外资(非欧美)   |  150-500人   |  汽车及零配件

无工作经验 大专 招1人 02-28发布


? Main Responsibilities:
1. Assist QM to maintain and improve quality system, and achieve the company quality policy and target.
2. Responsible for the internal quality control and improvement of the projects what he charges. Address
3. Responsible for the creation and uploading of the related documents, and also for the maintenance and inspection of measuring devices.
4. Responsible for the confirmation of rejected parts in customer sites, and also for the root causes analysis and actions raising to complete 8D and follow up the effectiveness of the actions.
5. Responsible for supplier management on his projects, prepare monthly quality report and evaluate the supplier performance and raise the improvement requirement to suppliers if necessary.
6. Responsible for samples (standard samples, boundary and temporary samples etc.)preparation, signature and maintenance.
7. Provide valuable suggestions on cost decreasing and quality improvement.
8. Prepare reports and proposals for quality meeting and accomplish all the tasks arranged by his leaders.
9. Responsible for AQP of new projects, make quality planning and communicate among customers, EU project colleagues and internal plant.
10. Other tasks arranged by his leaders.
? Key Requirements:
1. Fluent oral and written English;
2. AQP Experience in new project management.
3. Bachelor degree above with major in industrial, mechanical or chemical;
4. Over 3 years working experience mainly in automotive industry;
5. Familiar with Quality Management Systems (ISO/TS16949), 5 core tooling training.
6. Familiar with customer service, like SVW, DPCA, Volvo;
7. Familiar with Supplier Management;
8. Good team work and cooperation.
9. Strong skill on communication and negotiation.

职能类别: 质量管理/测试工程师(QA/QC工程师)





Recticel is a Belgium based group of companies, founded in 1778. Recticel actual employs 8000 people in over 90 facilities worldwide. Recticel is active in 4 major business lines; Automotive, Bedding, Insulation and Flexible foams. In each of its industries, Recticel is a market leader.
Recticel Automotive produces interior parts for all major automotive brands. By use of a patented technology, Recticel Automotive produces polyurethane instrument panels, door panels and cover parts.
Recticel Automotive China started its operations in 2007. Currently we employ 180 employees in our Ningbo production facility (supplying to Shanghai Volkswagen, DPCA, YoungMan) and Ningbo Downtown office. In 2011, Recticel Automotive China will start new operations in Shenyang (supply to BMW) and Beijing (supply to Mercedes)