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电仪工程师(维修) (职位编号:24291)




外资(欧美)   |  500-1000人   |  石油/化工/矿产/地质

无工作经验 招1人 11-20发布


BASF has been a committed partner to Greater China since 1885. With major investments in Nanjing, Shanghai and Chongqing, BASF is one of the largest foreign investors in the Chinese chemical industry, and maintains the BASF Asia Pacific Innovation Campus in Shanghai as a research and development hub for the Asia Pacific region.

  • Responsible for electrical, site instruments and plant automation system, provide routine maintenance service (both hardware and software) such as preventive maintenance, trouble shooting, spare parts review

Main Tasks
  • Follow up company EHS policy, report un-safety action in time

  • Collect all requirements and related deliverables on E&I from the user point of view to guarantee the high quality and reliability of process equipment.

  • Oversee E&I preventive maintenance plan design, follow up and improve the preventive maintenance plan.

  • Trouble shooting and find root cause for E&I problem ,work out the problem with professional E&I technology

  • Follow department procedure, develop E&I equipment maintenance SOP, training E&I technician and contractors.

  • Follow up plant MOC project , include hardware and software design

  • Oversee all E&I hard ware spare parts management, automation system software program regularly backup.

  • Focus on E&I maintenance cost control in daily work, control maintenance cost in budget.
  • Bachelor degree in Automation, electrical Automation or related major.

  • At least 5 years work experience in related electrical or automation position,Plastic plant experience will plus.

  • Good at PLC technology, ready and modify PLC program is necessarily, can write PLC program is perfect, Siemens S7-300 / PSC7 experience will plus.

  • Good experience at frequency converter application and maintain.

  • Can working under pressure, good at communication and teamwork.

  • English read and write is necessarily.

  • Familiar with office software, such as Auto CAD, SAP, outlook etc.

职能类别: 自动控制工程师/技术员 电气工程师/技术员


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