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Sr.MEMS Process Engineer(晶圆制造工艺)

苏州 1-1.5万/月



外资(欧美)   |  1000-5000人   |  电子技术/半导体/集成电路

5-7年经验 本科 招1人 01-18发布

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Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Analyzes MEMS quality, yield and relevant process related issues, maintains and improves MEMS yields.
2. Maintains prints, engineering specifications, Bill of materials, routings, operational standards, and work instructions for MEMS and relevant processes.
3. Develops, introduces new processes, new materials or new systems to comply with company technology and products upgrade road map.
4. Works close to MEMS R&D, establishes effective communication channels, drives factory end MEMS evaluation and characterization activities, and promises the progress of company technology and product growth.
5. Initiates, evaluates and documents trials on new products, leads the introduction of new MEMS.
6. Initiates and implements cost reduction ideas, product changes and redesigned products; issues appropriate specifications and coordinates special feasibility projects.
7. Assists Marketing and Quality Assurance in solving customer complaints regarding product problems.
8. Co-operate with MEMS foundry to maintain MEMS yield and quality, supports foundry related engineering activities.
9. Occasional travel is required to our subcontract manufacturers both locally and overseas.

 Job Specifications
1. Bachelor or above degree in Microelectronics Engineering, Semiconductor physicals, Semiconductor Manufacturing Engineering, MEMS Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or equivalent.
2. Five years minimum experience in production or manufacturing engineering in semiconductor front end wafer process. MEMS manufacturing engineering experience are preferred.
3. Requires a self-motivated individual that has the ability to manage complex projects and processes.
4. The candidate should demonstrate the ability to establish processes and process controls using statistical methods.
5. Personal computer skills are required, and knowledge of associated applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, databases and project planning software is necessary.
6. Proficient/Fluent in English, Mandarin languages required.

职能类别: 产品工艺/制程工程师