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Shift Production Supervisor - 电容器事业部

苏州 3-4.5千/月



外资(欧美)   |  1000-5000人   |  电子技术/半导体/集成电路

3-4年经验 大专 招1人 01-18发布
英语良好 机械电子工程/机电一体化 化学工程与工艺


1. Job Summary
Lead a team of group leaders and operators to perform daily production scheduling to meet safety, quality, cycle time, output, 5S and so on, continue to improve productivity and cost saving. Focus on overall production line daily management.

2. Duties and responsibilities
1) Organize and coordinate resource to complete production task based on production plan;
2) Achieve KPI like: Safety, Quality, OTD, C/T, Yield, DL/MRO cost, and so on;
3) Keep workshop in a good condition of 5S and discipline;
4) Abnormal dispose when happened on duty;
5) Continue to improve for Quality, Safety, 5S, Productivity, Cost saving and son on;
6) Need to perform high executive force;
7) Build a good atmosphere for team like learning organization; team work; speak freely;
8) Ensure accurate recording whatever on job tickets, MES, and other records;
9) Good team work and communicate with related employee or department;
10) Make and implement individual training plan for group leader and operator, appraise the individual’s skills regularly to ensure their behavior complying with the requirements of process and company’s regulations, make sure their skills develop continuously;
11) Performance appraise for group leader and operator;
12) Other job from Manager or area supervisor.

3. Job Specifications
1) College degree or above major in Chemistry / Mechanical / Engineering etc.;
2) 3+ years previous working experience on line production handling;
3) Has experience with MLCC production is preferred;
4) Familiar with 5S, Lean, SPC, DOE and FMEA, etc.;
5) Willing to work shift and be on-call 24*7;
6) Possess analytical; decision-making skills, teamwork spirit. Interpersonal skills, initiative and proactive, drive for result;
7) Have the ability of English speaking, reading and writing;
8) Skilled Microsoft Office software.

4. Key Relationships
Reports to: Area Production Supervisor
Supervises: Production Group Leader, operators

职能类别: 生产主管