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苏州-高新区 0.7-1万/月



外资(欧美)   |  150-500人   |  汽车及零配件,原材料和加工

3-4年经验 本科 招1人 01-15发布

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Specific Responsibilities:
1. Assist Quality Manager to manage product quality performance and drive quality improvement plans.
2. Sustain and drive conformance on quality requirements with regular audits for internal production and suppliers.
3. Conduct failure analysis and implement corrective and preventive action plans.
4.Te be promptly informed of products or processes according Escalation Process Procedure that do not conform to requirements and ensure that nonconforming product is not shipped to the customer and that all potential nonconforming product is identified and contained for responsible products or projects;
5. Lead cross-functional team in response to customers' complaints and quality queries.
6. Initiate WI / Quality Control Plan and lead the inspector team to conduct the plan.
7. Investigate and process ECR’s including coordination of data, negotiations/approvals, and advanced quality planning as required for product changes, involve into process design and development with APQP team under the lead of PM.
8. Improve process capability with collaborated effort of production, purchasing and maintenance people.
9. Assist production operations to provide timely action/decision on rejected (in process) goods.
10. Oversee product quality on the production floor for assigned customer accounts and To train QPT for part quality inspection and control;
11. Drive outgoing PPM improvement by coordinating joint effort with production and related department.
12. Assist Quality Manager on quality system job.

Required Qualifications:
1. A Bachelor’s degree in quality or engineering or equivalent experience.
2. To have 3 years' quality working experience in related industries such as metal stamping or plating manufacturing and etc at quality management position. And have 2 years’ working experience on quality inspection position in manufacture industry.
3. Educated and experienced in Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Problem Solving.
4. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Be able to communicate with foreign staffs in English. Good command in reading and writing English.
5. Ability to use all related quality lab equipment includig CMM.
6. Knowledge in 5 tools (APQP, PPAP, MSA, SPC, and FMEA), ISO 9000, IATF16949, and Quality Management Systems are essential.
7. Strong computer skills (Excel, Word).
8. Substantial familiarity with the metal stamping industry or PCDMIS user is preferential.
Preferred Qualifications:

职能类别: 质量管理/测试工程师(QA/QC工程师)

关键字: 质量 QE 汽车 机械 冲压 质量管理





创迈精密金属成型(苏州)有限公司 (TRANS-MATIC) 是总部位于美国密歇根州荷兰市的一个处于世界领先地位的精密冲压专业生产厂商, 有五十年历史. 我们的产品广泛用于汽车行业, 电子行业, 家电行业, 电工工具业, 高档建筑行业等等, 为全球500强企业提供了不可替代的产品解决方案. 公司生产设备包括世界一流的WATERBURY FARRELL, PLATARG, MISTER, US BAIRD AND AIDA 等传动式或前进式锻压设备, 同时全面推行行业界最高质量管理体系。

We make it happen…
Trans-Matic Manufacturing Company specializes in deep drawn metal stampings, progressive die stampings, and value added assembly solutions. Trans-Matic engineers focus on providing value added and value engineering (VA / VE) solutions to our customers. We are able to convert more expensive screw machine, die cast, and powdered metal processes to a more cost effective deep draw stamping.
At Trans-Matic we utilize our deep draw capabilities to serve the automotive industry in braking, oxygen sensor, fuel delivery, air bag, bayonet socket, and sensor markets. Our non-automotive deep draw capabilities serve the lock hardware, compressor, appliance, fire prevention, pharmaceutical, HVAC, and plumbing markets.

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