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HQed in Boston, MA, Iron Mountain is a storage and information management company, assisting more than 156,000 organizations in 36 countries on five continents with storing, protecting and managing their information.

Publicly traded under NYSE as IRM, Iron Mountain is an S&P 500 company, a member of the FORTUNE 1000 (currently ranked: 712), and a member of FTSE4Good index.

Organizations in every major industry and of all sizes—including more than 94% of the Fortune 1000—rely on Iron Mountain to store and manage their information.

We’re honored that our customers have put their trust with us. We safely store some of the world’s most valuable historical artifacts, cultural treasures, business documents and medical records. To properly protect and render this information, Iron Mountain employs almost 17,000 professionals and boasts an unrivaled infrastructure that includes more than 1,000 facilities and 3,600 vehicles.

Altogether, our experience, knowledge and reputation for service have combined to make us the world’s leading provider of:

- Records management
- Offsite Data Protection
- Data Management Solutions
- Information destruction

Our team has been operating in China since 2003 and we have presence in 8 major cities across the country.

We service clients involved in a variety of industries and in each case tailor a solution to suit their specific needs.

For more information, please go to our website at www.ironmountain.com.cn


公司地址:上海市浦东新区福山路33号 (邮编:200120)

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前台行政 Front Desk Admin

招聘1人 上海-静安区 4-4.5千/月 01-19

HR assistant 人事助理

3-4年 | 大专 | 招聘1人 上海-静安区 4.5-6千/月 01-19


1年 | 初中及以下 | 招聘5人 东莞 3-3.5千/月 01-19


1年 | 高中 | 招聘1人 东莞 4.3-4.8千/月 01-19

客服助理 Customer Care Assistant

2年 | 大专 | 招聘1人 上海-普陀区 4.5-5千/月 01-19

Business Development Manager

3-4年 | 招聘1人 上海-静安区 7-8千/月 01-19


1年 | 大专 | 招聘1人 上海-长宁区 4.2-4.8千/月 01-19

DMS assistant (field) 扫描助理(驻场)

1年 | 招聘1人 深圳-福田区 2.8-3.6千/月 01-19

Business Development Manager

3-4年 | 招聘1人 北京-朝阳区 0.8-1万/月 01-19

Business Development Executive 销售代表

2年 | 本科 | 招聘1人 广州-海珠区 4-5千/月 01-19

Facility Assistant 仓管/运送助理

2年 | 招聘1人 大连 3.5-4千/月 01-19

销售代表 (业务拓展代表)

1年 | 大专 | 招聘1人 北京-朝阳区 0-9.9千/月 01-19


初中及以下 | 招聘5人 东莞 2.5-3.5千/月 01-19

Accounts Executive (客户代表)

2年 | 大专 | 招聘1人 北京-朝阳区 4-6千/月 01-19

高级销售代表(业务拓展Sr. BDE)

2年 | 招聘1人 重庆 5-7千/月 01-19

销售代表 (上海)

无工作 | 本科 | 招聘1人 上海-静安区 0-9.9千/月 01-19