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鞍山 客户经理/主管

(SHL) Zone Northeast Account Manager (Anshan)东北区 客户经理 (285183) 西门子医疗系统有限公司SHL 鞍山 03-19


What are my responsibilities? - Achieve sales target in assigned territories for responsible medical product lines - Regular customer visit and maintain good relationship -Conclude orders, and follow up to ensure timely installation and fulfill customer satisfaction - Project Administration included find project, filter and focus important project, conclusion and get order - Organization of bidding procedure, coordinate marketing, modality, sales manager, logistic and service department to participate in bidding - Participate area marketing activity, for example, exhibition, seminar, opening ceremony; take care of customer who joins in these activities - Weekly and Monthly report on time - Participate sales training and have self training plan, action and conclusion - Marketing information collection, analysis and reporting What do I need to qualify for this job? - At least 2 year sales working experience in healthcare industry. - Proficiency in organization of sales action - Excellent project management capability - Solid medical product knowledge - Familiar with sales workflow, understand sales chain. - Good selling skill, special for customer conversation - Strong Information collection, Analysis and summary - Good ability to Learn - Results Orientation - Living & breathing the Siemens Values What else do I need to know? - With 45,000 employees Siemens Healthineers is one of the world’s largest suppliers of technology to the healthcare industry and a leader in medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics and healthcare IT. All supported by a comprehensive portfolio of clinical consulting, training, and services available across the globe and tailored to customers’ needs. So that more people can have a life that is longer, richer, and more filled with happiness. How do I apply? - We are looking forward to receiving your online -application. - To submit your application on-line, please click the button “Apply”. Contact - If you want to know more Siemens job opportunities, please be free to log in our career website http://www.careers.siemens.com.cn http://www.healthcare.siemens.com.cn/ Talent Acquisition, Siemens Healthineers 提醒: 点击“西门子专属申请”,您将会进入西门子专属招聘系统,进入系统后您可以在页面右上方的下拉菜单,选择简体中文页面,并请遵循下面的规则设置您的系统密码。 密码设置规则:密码长度必须在8个字符以上,并且必须包含英文大写字母,小写字母和数字。例如:Ab123456


销售工程师(包住+双休,无责任底薪4-7K) 武汉鼎业环保工程技术有限公司 鞍山 0.8-1万/月 03-19


部门:市场部岗位性质:销售 (*** OR *** 不限)地点:本地(前期在附近项目部实习,转正后可回到本地开发市场,对于异地人员除了周末每月额外3天带薪探亲假,加上周末一起最长调休5天)待遇--试用期:无责任底薪4000-7000元/月+业务提成+出差补助+地区补助+话费补助如何获得鼎业环保的工作机会?请在 智联招聘 / 前程无忧 / 公司人事部邮箱:hr3@dinyeah.com.cn 任意一种途径投递您的简历,我们一般2个工作日内会进行邮件回复,请勿重复投递。企业介绍武汉鼎业环保工程技术有限公司,我们正在寻找各行销售精英。http://www.dinyeah.com.cn/我的职责是什么?1、负责责任区域的产品销售任务;协助上级报计划,实现团队共同目标。2、根据企业总体策略,开发与管理大客户资源,制定营销策略和服务方案;3、负责组织大客户渠道拓展、大客户营销与市场开发工作;4、负责与大客户建立稳固的工作伙伴关系;5、参与并负责公司合作项目的拓展、谈判、推进;6、整合公司各类资源,深入挖掘潜在资源,不断创新各类合作模式。7、完成领导交办的其它事项。我获得这份工作的要求?1.男女不限,能吃苦耐劳,认同企业文化,敢于挑战高薪的社会精英;2. 立志于从事销售工作;3.性格开朗,有团队精神,对销售工作积极热情,踏实肯干,胆大心细;4.做事踏实、不投机取巧、能坚决贯彻公司营销方案、高效完成公司指定工作计划;我需要知道什么?鼎业环保是从事高效流体密封和耐高温隔热产品的研发、生产及销售的高新技术企业。鼎业环保多年致力于适用于各行业的高效流体密封和耐高温隔热产品的生产、研发及销售,并不断推动“禁止使用石棉制品”进程,是新型环保替代品的高新技术企业,在高温保护行业中较先引入国外新型高温保护产品以替代石棉制品的龙头企业。Department: Marketing DepartmentJob nature: sales (men and women not limited)Location: local (previous projects department internship around, can be returned to the local development after positive market)Treatment, the probation period: no responsibility base salary of 4000-7000 yuan/month commission + + business travel allowance + area allowance + fee subsidyHow to get a tripod industry environmental protection job opportunities?In zhaopin / 51 job/company personnel department, please email: hr3@dinyeah.com.cn for any kind of way to deliver your resume, we will reply to email within 2 business days commonly, do not repeat.Companies to introduceWuhan tripod industry environmental protection engineering technology co., LTD. We are looking for all sales elite.http://www.dinyeah.com.cn/My duty is to what?1, responsible for product area sales target; Assist supervisor to plan and achieve team goals. ?2, according to the overall strategy of enterprise development and management of customer resources, formulate marketing strategy and service solutions;3, is responsible for organizing the big customer channel development, customer marketing and market development work;4, responsible for working with large customers to build a solid partnership;5, participate in cooperative projects and is responsible for the company development, negotiation, advance;6, integration of the all kinds of resources, dig potential resources, innovation of all kinds of cooperation mode.7, to complete the leadership turns over the handling other matters.I got the job requirements?Sexs, can bear hardships and stand hard work, enterprise culture, dare to challenge high pay social elite;2. To work in the sales;3. The personality is bright, there is team spirit, to sales work enthusiasm, down-to-earth, calibrated boldness;4. The ground, not opportunistic, to resolutely implement company marketing solutions and highly efficient complete assigned work plan;I need to know?Ding industry environmental protection is in the efficient fluid sealing and high temperature resistant insulation product research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises.Ding industry for many years committed to environmental protection is suitable for various industries efficient fluid sealing and high temperature resistant insulation products production, research and development and sales, and constantly promote \"banning the use of asbestos products\" process, is a new environmental protection high and new technology enterprise of alternatives, in high temperature protection industry is introduced first foreign new type of high temperature protection products instead of asbestos products of leading enterprises.


借款专员(鞍山) 沈阳冠群驰骋投资管理有限公司 鞍山 4.5-6千/月 03-14


1.为客户提供资金解决方案; 2.对客户实际情况进行实地调查; 3.对客户提交资料的真实性进行核实; 4.收集其他必要文件和信息,为公司决策提供必要依据; 5.参与业务推广活动,并提出可行性方案; 6.促成客户合作,协助签署合同 任职要求: 1.大专以上学历,形象气质佳,具备良好的职业道德和素质修养; 2.具备良好的沟通能力,有无经验均可; 3.工作积极主动,办事沉稳、细心,思维活跃,工作原则性强; 4.吃苦耐劳,有团队意识和渠道拓展能力; 5.有很强的抗压能力。 6.鞍山本地人优先考虑 工作地址:市府转盘万科写字楼2366室


金融专员 长安新生(深圳)金融投资有限公司 鞍山 4-8千/月 03-13




信贷客户经理(沈阳) 上海证大投资咨询有限公司 鞍山 3-4.5千/月 02-28


岗位职责:1、负责搜集新客户的资料并进行沟通,开发新客户;2、通过电话与客户进行有效沟通了解客户需求, 寻找销售机会并完成销售业绩;3、维护老客户的业务,挖掘客户的最大潜力;4、定期与合作客户进行沟通,建立良好的长期合作关系。任职资格:1、20-35岁,口齿清晰,普通话流利,语音富有感染力;2、对销售工作有较高的热情;3、具备较强的学习能力和优秀的沟通能力;4、性格坚韧,思维敏捷,具备良好的应变能力和承压能力;5、有敏锐的市场洞察力,有强烈的事业心、责任心和积极的工作态度,有相关销售工作经验者优先。6、愿与公司一同成长。




招聘职位: 后端开发,前端开发,移动端开发,测试,产品/设计/运营
招聘职位: 财务审计,合规与风险控制,后台运营,投行,销售
招聘职位: 房地产开发,建筑工程,规划设计,商业,市场营销
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