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杭州-西湖区 1-2万/月



外资(欧美)   |  150-500人   |  专业服务(咨询、人力资源、财会),计算机服务(系统、数据服务、维修)

无工作经验 本科 招1人 03-07发布
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- Excellent English and Japanese speaking
- Must be excellent in Functional Testing with rich domain experience in Insurance/Banking or Test Automation in more than 2 tools (e.g. UFT & Selenium)
- Excellent Test Management skills
- Work closed with BA and BSA to acquire knowledge required to effectively plan test cases writing and execution end-to-end (from front-end all the way to back-end)
- Conduct ambiguity review on BRD and FRD to ensure testability of requirements
- Conduct risks analysis on requirements and propose risk rating
- Understand signed off business scenario
- Support test manager in test design activities and produce"right" volume of test cases for execution
- Provide guidance to testers to write test cases (both manual & automation test) according to agreed scope, methodology, processes and standards
- Provide guidance to testers to execute test cases according to test plan
- Review test results to ensure quality, accuracy and timely issue resolution (via priority)
- Support automation team in identify candidate automation test cases and provide clarity as required
- Conducts an initial assessment of reported potential defects in Defect Pre-triage meeting
- Confirm validity of a defect and escalates to defect manager

职能类别: 软件测试

关键字: UFT, Selenium





凯捷集团创始于1967年,是目前欧洲最大的管理咨询公司,也是全球排名前五的金融领域管理咨询、技术和外包服务供应商,在全世界44个国家拥有超过115,000名员工,总部位于法国巴黎。其中的金融服务事业部为凯捷集团的重要组成部分,核心业务单元为银行、资本市场、保险、支付、风险管理与合规,客户多为财富500强公司,包括多家全球顶尖商业银行、保险公司 、金融服务公司及资产财务公司。




Capgemini was founded in 1967 and is currently the largest consulting company in Europe. Capgemini ranks the top 5 provides of financial management consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions in the world. Its headquarter is in Paris and has over 115,000 employees working in 44 countries. FSGBU is one of the largest business units in Capagemini Group, focusing on delivering solutions and services in banking, capital markets, insurance, payments & cards, risk management & compliance. Our clients are primarily Fortune 500 companies, including some of the largest commercial banks, insurers, diversified financial firms and asset finance companies.

Capgemini founded its China operations in 1996 to become one of the earliest foreign consulting companies in China. It established offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunshan, Hangzhou and Hongkong, amongst which Kunshan, Hangzhou and Hongkong offices belong to FSGBU. Working as a global delivery center, Capgemini Hangzhou office today is on a path of rapid expansion after joining Capgemini and the number of professionals working in Hangzhou is expected to grow from existing 300 to 1000 in 3 years.

We sincerely welcome those who are full of confidence and hope for a promising future to join us. In return, we provide our employees with:
1.A highly competitive salary and benefits package
2.Professional and personal development opportunities
3.High exposure to an English working environment
4.The possibility of overseas training / working opportunities
5.Open working culture and comfortable working place

To learn more about Capgemini China, please visit: http://www.cn.capgemini.com/