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Jiangsu Overseas Group is a state-owned company solely invested by Jiangsu Provincial People's Government.It is a large-scale top notch enterprise with a registered capital of RMB 500 million. Authorized by the provincial government,it is entitled to such functions as investment, operation and management of certain state-owned assets.

Jiangsu Overseas Group Foreign Economic-Technical Cooperation Ltd. Is a core member company of Jiangsu Overseas Group. It is an independent legal entity with the operation qualifications of labor services overseas. The workers widely distributed in such countries and regions as Japan,Singapore, Jordan,Israel,British Isle of Wight and Equatorial Guinea are engaged in dozens of industries, including construction, mechanics, electronics, chemical industry, sewing, washing, food processing, hotel and catering service.In recent years, we have developed the agency of labor export service for Chinese overseas enterprises . In addition, our overseas business of labor export has turned towards high-end labor service and international project contractors。

The established import and export department is currently engaged in the export of clothing. The products are sold as far as such countries and regions as the US and Australia. The trade volume maintains the steady growth.

The new established Abroad Human Resources Department is engaged in personnel deputy and labor dispatchment. It possesses of all-dimensional service capabilities such as recruitment, examination, education & training, human agency, consultant & implementation of staff welfare , labor laws consultant, etc. It owns more than ten alliances and o-gis in and out of Jiangsu Province.


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