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ISG Heating Equipment (Shanghai) Ltd. was established in 2013 in China as the sales branch company of Stelrad Radiators Group (SRG, known previously as ISG or caradon heating) which is top heating group in Europe. Our headquarter is located in Newcastle, Britain. Our first production facility was founded on 1936 producing steel column radiators. We’re famous for producing high quality steel panel radiators since 1960s. Now with 4 production facilities in Europe, SRG provides 9 million pieces product per year, and with 7 sales offices and logistics centers & 1200+ employees globally, our goods are sold all over the world in more than 50 countries and regions. Our brand “Stelrad” and “Termo Teknik” are the most popular brands of steel panel radiators in Europe.
Now we’ve built a strong distribute network and developed fast in China with 50% sales increase every year since 2013. Our brand Termo Teknik and Stelrad are also well-known in Chinese heating market.
The group revenue of 2016 is EUR 250,000,000, and China Sales revenue for 2016 is CNY 35,000,000. In the future, we’ll keep focusing on heating business and try to introduce more of our high-quality products into Chinese Market.

埃瑟吉供热设备(上海)有限公司成立于2013年,隶属于欧洲供热集团 Stelrad Radiators Group (SRG, 前身是欧洲供热巨头ISG集团,重组之前以Caradon Heating闻名于供热行业), 是SRG集团在中国的销售分公司。埃瑟吉供热设备(上海)有限公司由SRG集团旗下的土耳其工厂Termo Teknik公司全资控股。
我们的集团总部位于英国的纽卡斯尔。自SRG集团旗下的第一个生产线始建于1936年,彼时主要生产钢制柱式散热器。自1960年代至今,集团以生产高品质的钢制板式散热器闻名。如今,SRG在欧洲拥有四个生产基地,在全球另外设有7处销售分公司及物流中心,年产量达900万组,产品销往50多个不同的国家和地区。我们的散热器品牌“Stelrad”和“Termo Teknik”在欧洲是家喻户晓的高品质散热器品牌。
如今,SRG在中国的销售分公司也发展迅速,自2013年成立以来,已经建立了完善的经销商体系,并以每年50%销售额增长速度成为行业新翘楚。我们旗下的“Stelrad”和“Termo Teknik”如今也在中国市场成为认可度颇高,口碑颇好的品牌。



公司地址:徐汇区东安路8号809室 (邮编:200032)

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