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HANGZHOU HANGMAI FLAVORS CO., LTD is a flavor company founded in October 1994.
It is located in Jianggan Technology & Economy District of Hangzhou.
The company has been supplying various flavors and food additives to beverage, confectionery, dairy product, savory, alcoholic drink and processed food industries not only in China but also in foreign countries.
The products are sold through affiliated offices and more than 300 distributing agents.
HANGZHOU HANGMAI FLAVORS CO., LTD has extensive knowledge and experience about flavor production, flavor research and development, also flavor application. And latest information concerning the flavor technologies are obtained from the overseas cooperative flavor companies too.
Flavor application center have senior food technologists who have plentiful experience of food industry.
They can do best advice for customer's product development and product Improvement.
The company has received the following honors from local government of Zhejiang province.
* "One in excellent 100 private enterprise on science and technology at Zhejiang province" .
* "One of a hundred good faith enterprise at Zhejiang province".
* "Science and Technology Advanced Private Enterprise in Zhejiang" ,
* "Regard Contract and Stand to Credit Company in Hangzhou" ,
* "Model enterprise in Hangzhou" etc. The company has gotten the certificate of ISO9001/ISO2000, "international quality's authentication system" We are constantly improving the product quality and service until it gets the Customer' s satisfaction.
Please try Hangmai's Flavor to your product, and walk toward a brilliant success.


公司地址:杭州江干科技经济园九环路33号 (邮编:310019)

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区域销售代表 3-4.5千/月
工厂普工 3-4.5千/月
质检员 3-4.5千/月
仓库管理员 3-4万/月
烘焙工程师 3-4.5千/月
销售工程师 3-4.5千/月
油脂工艺工程师 4.5-6千/月
炒货工程师 4.5-6千/月