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合资   |  50-150人   |  机械/设备/重工 电气/电力/水利


Hubei Dengfeng Unifin Electrical Equipment Cooling Systems Co. Ltd.(Dengfeng-Unifin), is a joint venture company formed in 2005 by Unifin International LP of London, Ontario Canada and Hubei Dengfeng Heat Exchanger Co. Ltd of Daye City, Hubei Province of the PR China. Both parent companies are renowned for their expertise in design & manufacture of heat exchangers used in the power industry for cooling such equipment as Power Generators, Power Transformers, and Large Electric Motors.

Unifin is a sub-company of Wabtec, which is a US Nasdaq listed group., with global presences.

Located in Hubei Province of the PR China, Dengfeng-Unifin is in a new modern factory building and equipped with new manufacturing machines. It is conveniently located and served by modern highway, railway and water transportation modes. Dengfeng-Unifin will manufacture Power Generator Coolers, Transformer Oil Coolers, Large Motor Coolers and eventually Transformer Oil Pumps.

The core manufacturing competencies of Dengfeng-Unifin include: Heat Transfer Surface – Plate fin, Primary Cutting/Punching, Machining/Drilling, Welding (Mig, Tig, Stick, Braze) - all materials, Tube Expansion (Roller, Draw, Hydro), Surface finish, Assembly. The operating philosophy is Lean throughout the operation with a focus on “elimination of waste” and single piece flow.

Serving both the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM’s) and Major Utilities worldwide, the mission of the JV company is to become the customer’s preferred choice in cooling systems for the global power industry. Through continuous improvement in quality, efficiency and service and by acting lawfully and by the principles of Market Based Management MBM? to create the greatest value for customers, owners and employees.

Dengfeng-Unifin is one of the hottest names in cooling… a company you can trust as your supplier of choice.






公司地址:湖北黄石大冶大道268号 (邮编:435100)