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Abilix Home是全球教育机器人领导品牌——能力风暴教育机器人旗下的校外培训品牌,主要致力于青少年机器人培训、机器人竞赛以及科技教育交流等方面。Abilix Home是青少年以全球领先的教育机器人为平台,锻炼成功能力的家。



ABILIX HOME与清华大学合作,邀请机器人领域的专业教授担任机器人课程设计和WER竞赛课程顾问,并由十年以上教学经验的一线教师组成团队,致力于能力风暴课程体系与价值的研究。
Shanghai PartnerX Robotics Co., Ltd, who is the creator and leader of robotics partner, was founded in 1996. PartnerX Robotics has 5 brands, Abilix, YIRO, EVOX, INNOX and DRAGONGUARD.

Abilix is the creator and leader of educational robots in the world. It released the first educational robot named AS-M in 1998. Abilix serves more than 31 countries and 20,000 schools in the world. There is Abilix home which dedicates itself to provide the robotics training for cultivating students’ success ability and supply educational robots for households. Abilix is also the official platform of the World Educational Robots (WER) contest.

YIRO is the pioneer of domestic robot. PartnerX, whose dreams that everyone in the world can have a robotics partner, commits itself to providing intelligent robots to household.

EVOX is the pathfinder of industrial robot+. PartnerX started the study on internet-based modular industrial robots in 2005. The aim of EVOX is to develop a new generation industrial robot, which is more modularized, intelligent, interconnected and efficient, and to set up an industrial robots+ ecosphere.

INNOX is the leader of robotics research. It focuses on providing an open platform with cutting-edge robots for researchers to study technology and science on. INNOX is serving more than 300 universities and scientific research institutions around the world.

DRAGONGUARD is the global inaugurator of individual military robot, which is a kind of diminutive land and air applicable military robot for military investigation, monitoring, explosive-removal and even attack.

5 brands, 1 industrial direction, PartnerX, zeroes in on the partner robot development, which is worth over $100 billion annually. The mission of the 5 brands is to continuously enlarge the total economic output of the said industry and make it a No.1 brand in the world which shoots up by double turnover year by year.


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