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外资(欧美)   |  少于50人   |  家居/室内设计/装潢


Openmake is a new kind of furniture company. We empower a network of independent designers and makers to create beautiful furniture locally to where it’s needed. Our mission is to build a global platform for local making of design furniture and related products. Replacing factories with faces, we aim to build the world’s most equitable & distributed supply chain. We believe in working together to build a healthier collective future, starting with the way we design and make the things we consume.
放制Openmake 是一家新型的家具公司。我们为独立设计师和制造者创建了网络平台,帮助他们在当地制作精美的家具,并运至当地的客户。 我们的使命是创建一个全球平台,让设计型家具及相关产品能在本地制造。我们赋予工厂全新的面貌,目标是建立世界上最公平和最广泛的供应链。 我们相信,通过共同努力来建立一个更健康的未来共和体,这将从设计和制造我们的消费品开始。

We are ready to grow, and have recently established a Chinese business under the 放制Openmake brand. We intend to develop furniture sales in our traditional office furniture segment but also develop the 放制Openmake brand to bring it to a wider audience.
我们近期已经以放制Openmake 品牌建立了中国的业务并将快速增长。 我们将销售家具作为传统办公家具业务的一部分并将放制Openmake 品牌深化以扩大消费群体。

We have established a relationship with Douban.com, and in line with the DNA of our brand, we will seek to use this as a channel for content marketing. This will help to build our design-led brand through stories and content around design, furniture, fabrication and craftsmanship in a way that entertains, educates and inspires people to develop themselves. We also plan to use this as a sales channel to consumers – this will be developed during 2017.
我们与Douban.com豆瓣网建立了合作关系,由于我们的品牌理念一致,我们将力求将其作为市场营销渠道。 这将有助于创建我们以设计为主导的品牌,通过关于设计、家具、制造和工艺的故事与内容,来娱乐、教育和激励人们自我发展。 我们也计划将此作为消费者的销售渠道 —— 这将在2017年得以发展。


公司地址:新天地 (邮编:200021)