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Gifuty company was founded in 2003 and located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, which is in thoroughfare of nine province.
Since her foundation, the company committed herself to serving the famous manufacturers, merchants, and have been working with SGS company for quality assurance. During the company development process, we always keep on adjusting the structure and types of products, and constantly promote sales of new products.
1、    哈里伯顿、威德孚、贝克休斯特殊材料的锻造、热处理加工及生产;新材料的研制与开发、生产;
For customers Halliburton, Weatherfod, Baker Hughes: special materials of forging, heat treatment processing and production; new materials research, development and production.
2、    机械产品的研制与生产、销售(校直机、渡线器、限位滚轮等) ;
Development and production, sales of mechanical products (straightening machine, cross line, limiting roller etc.)
3、    控制机柜加工与销售(高低压控制柜等)。
Production and sales of controlling cabinets ( high and low voltage controlling cabinet etc.)
4、    执行器、液压系统、水泵(格兰富)及配件
Actuator, hydraulic system, water pump (GRUNDFOS) and accessories;
Company's products are widely used in environmental protection and water treatment, chemical, steel, power, energy, military and many other areas. We have achieved good social and economic benefits, and have won trust from manufacturers, merchants and the majority of users.
In the project worked with Haliburton, we have successfully produced special materials 4145Hmod, 1018 and 1022, which were not available in China.This greatly shorted the delivery for customer, and we won positive comment from the customer.
Gifuty company focuses on corporate image building and internal management strengthening. "Gain customers with good reputation, win the market with top quality " is the company's operating principle."Integrity-based, customer first" is the tenet of the company; "the pursuit of excellence, and create the perfect" is the company's operating philosophy. In the future market competition, we will continue adhering to the "sincere" kit "to make friends, credit and forge" Fu "industry" business philosophy, for manufacturers and users to provide more quality and convenient services.


公司地址:武汉市汉阳区 (邮编:430051)




业务助理 3-4千/月