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DEIF A/S创建于1933年,是一家已有70多年历史的丹麦企业。公司主要生产销售船用桥楼仪表、配电盘仪表、发动机和发电机组控制器和可再生能源控制器等电气产品。
丹控电器贸易(上海)有限公司是DEIF A/S在中国的分公司,成立于2006年。公司位于上海浦东新区张江集电港,主要业务包括:

DEIF, founded in 1933, is a global supplier of green, safe and reliable control solutions for decentralized power production, marine/offshore and wind turbines.
The DEIF Group has sales offices, competence centers and training facilities in 9 key markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and distributors in an additional 35 countries. DEIF’s promise of energy efficiency, comfort, safety and environmental friendliness has laid a solid basis for our leading position within the industry.
As a global company originating from Denmark, we established DEIF China in 2006. Today, we are proud to call China our second HQ. DEIF China abides by the local laws and regulation, is a good tax payer and has several local activities. With an open and fair culture we provide a good welfare system, professional career plan and personal development opportunities to our employees, including overseas training.
Today, DEIF China employs more than 50 people, located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Semicond Industry Park. The major business includes distribution of marine bridge instrumentation, switchboard instrumentation, engine & gen-set controls and renewable energy controllers. Further to this, we provide technical support and service and have both R&D and customization.
With the fast growth of DEIF business in the Chinese market, we welcome more competent candidates to join us. Would you like to become part of this interesting and rapid growing company?


公司地址:浦东新区龙东大道3000号8号楼206室 (邮编:201203)