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外资(欧美)   |  少于50人   |  贸易/进出口


公司简介 :

       本公司{ 盼特灵国际贸易(上海)有限公司}专业从事卫浴行业,主要做水龙头配件供应水龙头制造商。我们


的中国公司位于上海浦东金桥。我们是外国集团公司的在上海采购办事处。 我们在上海的办事处经营了15年。



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Company Introduction:

We are the Shanghai Purchasing Office of a foreign Group of Companies. Our office in Shanghai is operating for 15 years.
Our company is specialising in sanitary wares industry, mainly doing faucet spare parts supply to faucet manufacturers. We are letting our suppliers in China to produce the parts with our own brand and then we ship the goods to our customers abroad. We have been doing this business in China since 15 years. Our China office is in Jinqiao, Shanghai.

The candidates should be living in Shanghai for at least 2 years and should be stable settled down in Shanghai City, living in Pudong near to XinJinQiao Road. The candidates with job experience in a related field will be preferred.

Please send your resume with your most recent photo and in English language. Candidates should be located in Shanghai at least for 2 years and should have plan to live in Shanghai for long term. Our Shanghai Office is located in Jinqiao, Pudong and so the candidates homes should be near to our office. Please also mention your expected salary, marital status, hukou place in your resume.


公司地址:上海浦东新区金湘路225弄禹洲燕海国际大厦 (邮编:201206)

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