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创业公司   |  50-150人   |  仪器仪表/工业自动化 电子技术/半导体/集成电路


深圳瑞特斯仪器仪表有限公司是一家集开发,生产,销售服务一体化的企业,专业生产工业,家庭用温湿度计的专业厂家, 技术力量雄厚,设备先进。 拥有技术人员:12名, 生产人员130人, 厂房面积1680平方米。 出产产品经过严格检测,畅销全国,出口与美国,德国及世界各地。 广泛应用于工业,农业,军事,实验室,仓库,宾馆,科研部门,计算机房,图书,档案管理,化学药品,饭店,学校,医院和家庭的温、湿度测量。根据检测结果调整环境温度,克服静电影响,保证仪器仪表的正常运转进行,是人体保健,生活环境必不可少的优良工具。


Shenzhen Riters Instrumentation Co., Ltd. is a collection of development , production, sales and service in the integration of the enterprise, specializing in the prodution of industrial, the family with the temperature and humidity meter of professional manufacturers, strong technical force, advanced equipment. With technical personnel: 12, production personnel 130 people, plant area of 1680 square meters. Through strict inspection, products are sold well all over the country, exports to the United States, Germany and around the world. widely used in industry, agriculture, military, lab, warehouse, hotel, scientific research department, computer room, library, archives management, chemicals, restaurants, schools, hospitals and family of the temperature and humidity measurement. According to the test results to adjust the environment temperature, to overcome the electrostatic effect. to ensure the normal operation of instruments and meters,is human body health and living environment.

Our company has the annual output of 16.8 million sets, annual production has more than one hundred million yuan, also can be customized according to user requirements design, various applicable range of temperature and humidity table, ensure the quality, the service is purpose of company, welcome friends from all walks of life to choose.


公司地址:龙岗区坂田街道吉华路上雪科技园科技一路2号C栋208 (邮编:518116)

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