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外资(欧美)   |  50-150人   |  医疗设备/器械 制药/生物工程


Micsafe Medical Group Limited (hereinafter "Micsafe") is a multi-business holding enterprise group registered and operating in America. Its predecessor was Micsafe international trading limited established in Hong Kong in 1999 and was renamed Micsafe Medical Group Limited in 2005. The corporate headquarter was transferred from Hong Kong to Lansing the capital of Michigan America in 2008, meanwhile Micsafe manufacturing facility was start-up in Vietnam.
Micsafe is all about improving human life and medical environment through the practical application of innovative science. And our aim is to continually develop leading technologies and products for medical disposable, with solutions and treatments for patients and safety care for doctors. We are a young company with an ambition to establish Micsafe as a globally recognised brand name. Yet as the business grows, we strive to retain our unique entrepreneurial spirit. We continue to demonstrate entrepreneurial achievement and innovation coupled with our commitment to improving the health world.
Micsafe is working in close cooperation with recognized international physicians and scientists, to develop a range of medical disposable that meet the highest quality and clinical standards. We develop, and produce an ever diversifying portfolio of products cover a wide range of business segments including Safety injection, Medical needle, Diabetes care solution, blood collection system, oral feeding field and others. We are dedicated to make a doctor and patient oriented global enterprise focusing on safety injection and other medical disposable technologies.
Micsafe have set up more than 13 sales offices and logistics center across all of America, also in Netherlands and Turkey of Europe, and exclusive agent in Argentina、Mexico、South Africa、Australia、Indonesia and others. In 2014, Micsafe decided to build a souring center in Shanghai which is the biggest business city of China, to develop the Asian-Pacific market and provide better service to all of our customers.


公司地址:上海市普通区金沙江路1678号绿洲中环中心6号楼722室 (邮编:200333)

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