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法国Questel SAS

外资(欧美)   |  150-500人   |  计算机服务(系统、数据服务、维修) 专业服务(咨询、人力资源、财会)


Questel (www.questel.com) has been focusing on its core business, Intellectual Property since its inception in the early 70’s. We provide a suite of leading-edge patent and industrial design services to researchers, lawyers, scientists, and competitive intelligence professionals. Questel built Fampat, the largest databases collections in the world and available in our portal Orbit.com for searching, mapping, watching, archiving and sharing information, as well as analyzing and managing IP portfolios.

Questel provides a comprehensive suite of web-based services for productivity and collaboration dedicated to intellectual property. Covering the entire innovation cycle, from idea to product, Questel's offerings include:
-    Competitive intelligence and technological landscape,
-    Ideation management and innovation capture,
-    Technology scouting and licensing-in,
-    Invention management and prior-art searching,
-    Portfolio management and pruning,
-    Licensing-out and monetization.
Our comprehensive and unique collection of intellectual property databases can be analyzed, shared and archived. For each stage of innovation, we also offer consulting services as well as IP elearning.
Established in 1975, Questel is present in more than 30 countries with offices in Paris, London, Bonn, Washington, Sao Paulo, Tokyo and Shanghai. Trusted by more than 5,000 companies worldwide and 100,000 users, its solutions target a large audience across the business development, R&D, legal, financial and licensing departments.


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