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HAY is a Danish design company founded in 2002 that is looking to provide high quality and affordable modern style furniture. HAY is a global corporation with that employs hundreds of people around the world, with retailers and flagship stores in Europe and Asia.

HAY is committed to nurturing young talent as well as exploring the fantastic imagination of established designers. Functioning somewhere between fashion and architecture, HAY bridges the two by combining cutting-edge technology and innovative research

Since 1975 we have been working on these 10 principles:
1. We are honest
2. We are hard-working
3. We are loyal
4. We are co-operative
5. We are business minded
6. We want to see results
7. We want simple solutions
8. We take nothing for granted
9 We always keep our promises
10 We want to be the best

You are welcome to visit our website: www.hay.dk


公司地址:延安东路100号 (邮编:200002)

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