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Foshan Famous Polymer Materials Co., Limited(International Morning Sun limited), is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the field of modified polymer materials and master batches, owning a high professional R&D team who can reduce the cost of masterbatch without compromising quality. Its main products include: 1. All kinds of calicum carbonate filler masterbatches. 2. Transparent filler masterbatch for HDPE film, LDPE film. 3. Moisture Absorber masterbatch for recycled PE/PP/PS/EVA etc. 4. Black masterbatch. 5. color masterbatch. 6. Rutile Titanium Dioxide 7. Precipitated sub-nano barium sulfate. Our company persists in high quality, good service and continuous innovation to fulfill the development of herself and customers' demands. She always regard business reputation and personal diligence as her life, and strictly obey all the laws, disciplines and market rules, that is the key reason why she's getting her customers' trust all the time. International Morning Sun Limited values company's management and inner organization construction by studying and absorbing advanced managing methods & mode, by establishing the operation systems fit for the market laws. Actively improved operation environments, rectified human resources mechanism, improved financial structure, strengthened quality management & construction, strengthened risk control, and she has established quality management systems for the purpose of improving quality and enhancing management level.


公司地址:金沙洲建设大道浪险猴中心320(卜蜂莲花金沙洲店斜对面) (邮编:510000)




外贸业务员 0.3-1万/月
外贸业务员 0.3-1万/月