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Founded in 1985, Seyang Polymer Corporation established its foundation by signing the technical support and supply contract with DuPont, in August of the same year and has constructed a sales system in the engineering plastic and packaging plastic area targeting the Korean market
Upon the acquisition of the export and import authorization in 1987, the heyday of Seyang began. In 1997, the Corporation completed the construction of its southeast factory in Incheon and established a Technology Center in the following year to not only build its independent production system but also create the opportunity of giving birth to ‘Sytron,’ the cherished product of Seyang’s independent technology.
Meanwhile, through its partnership with the big EP player DuPont, Seyang has received positive acclaims from various domestic industry sectors, such as automobile, electrical, and electronics. This is because Seyang has greatly contributed to improving productivity, thereby accomplishing cost reduction and enhancing product quality. Through such efforts, Seyang has also gained reputation for taking technology used in the Korea to the next level with DuPont products. In addition, Seyang has built partnerships with global companies including Solvay and Lehmann & Voss & Co. Thanks to advanced technology of Solvay and Lehmann & Voss & Co., Seyang is supplied with various high quality materials and is leading the advancement of raw materials in each industry based on its abundant experience and seasoned technology.
Seyang Polymer Corporation, as described above, is a company that continues to establish its solid position as a professional company endowed with advanced technology. The Corporation not only produces but also exports high functional materials to literally lead the plastic industry. (www.seyangpolymer.com)

SEYANG POLYMER株式会社成立于1985年,同年8月与杜邦公司签订技术支持及供应合同,开始奠定公司发展的框架,并具备了面向韩国市场的工程塑料与包装塑料领域销售体系。
此外,公司通过与担当EP大轴的杜邦公司合作,不仅提高了生产率,而且最终为节省成本与提高产品力作出了贡献,本公司的产品获得了韩国国内汽车、电子电气等众多企业的一致好评,并得到了通过杜邦产品,令韩国国内相关行业的技术更上一个台阶的评价。不仅如此,公司还与Solvay、Lehmann&Voss&Co.等持有先进技术的国际企业合作,供应多种材料,以丰富的经验与熟练的技术为基础,推动了各产业系统原料的先进化 (www.seyangpolymer.com)


公司地址:朝阳区望京方恒国际中心B座1103 (邮编:100120)





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