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昆山 会务/会展经理

Conference Planning Manager 昆山杜克大学 昆山 0.8-1万/月 12-15


Position Overview:The Conference Planning Manager for the DKU Conference Center is responsible for developing and organizing a variety of programming at the DKU conference center, including academic conferences, seminars, and symposia, DKU-wide events, and national and international academic association meetings. The Conference Planning Manager will also be responsible for building awareness about the capabilities of the DKU Conference Center among the faculty and staff at DKU, Duke University, and other academic institutions that are interested in offering programs in China. Finally, the Conference Center Planner will also provide planning and delivery support to conference organizers, many of which will come from Duke University, and ensure the success of these events. Reports to:Director of OperationsEssential Duties:1. Create an active network of thought and opinion leaders inside and outside China to identify topics of important and interest for conference center programs.2. Develop short (weekend) and longer-term (week-long, month-long) conference and workshop proposals with clear goals with respect to guest participants, target audiences, marketing plans, publicity campaigns, financial investments and expected returns.3. Secure commitments of invited guests.4. Collaborate with Conference Center staff to develop and implement logistical plans to ensure successful program delivery.5. Serve as a central liaison for reviewing and scheduling events at DKU.6. Other tasks as assigned. 7. University employees' job responsibilities will continue to expand in scope and depth as the University grows in size and complexity in its programs.Required Qualifications:Education:Bachelor’s degree required; masters or professional degree preferred.Experience: 1. 3 to 5 years event management experience2. Some business development experience preferred3. Written and spoken fluency in Mandarin and English4. Flexibility to work weekends and evenings when required5. Proven ability to interact effectively with senior leaders in academia, the arts, business, government, NGO’s and other fields.6. Broad intellect and keen interest in public affairs and contemporary issues in a wide range of fields.7. Ability to work independently and entrepreneurially to envision, create and implement successful programs. 8. Excellent organizational and administrative skills and a track record of successful project management. Personal Attributes:1. Ability to lead in a collaborative environment.2. Attentive to details and with a keen sense of quality.3. Integrity and mature judgment. 4. High energy, ambition and determination.5. Outstanding communication skills.Please be advised the salary is commensurate with experience.Application Process: Please submit cover letter and CV to DKUrecruitment@dukekunshan.edu.cnPlease note: DKU will ONLY accept applications received through DKUrecruitment@dukekunshan.edu.cnApplications sent by other means will NOT be considered.



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