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(senior)Packaging technologist/包装专家

上海-长宁区 0.7-1.5万/月



外资(欧美)   |  500-1000人   |  快速消费品(食品、饮料、化妆品)

无工作经验 本科 招2人 02-19发布

五险一金 补充医疗保险 免费班车 年终奖金 定期体检 弹性工作


Main Accountabilities

? Conduct the packaging development activities on a daily basis
? Helps interpret the project brief into packaging design brief to determine the technical development activities required (with guidance)
? Assist to develop the primary /secondary packaging as per project requirement to achieve the agreed milestones (with guidance)
? Identifies & determines technical packaging solutions by own practical work(lab testing, trials in SC or suppliers) and by consulting widely with both internal & external sources
? Evaluates/screens technical routes to identify most promising approach by generating the proper technical report.
? Generate the packaging information for the purpose of supply chain’s daily operation.
? Understand the consumer insight and input to the packaging design.
? Written and verbal communication to regional BD/BB/SC & external (suppliers, rest of Unilever)

Position Requirements:

1. Professional Skills:
? Good communication
? Good computer skills (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, power point)
? Fluent spoken and written English
? Ability of inspection, problem feedback, technical learning, Hardworking and to be able to pay attention to details.
? To be able to overtime if needed.

General Skills:
? Business sense
? Negotiation
? Project
? Microsoft office
? Communication
? Able to work under pressure
? English Oral /Written

? Frank and hardworking, good attitude to work, flexible, patient

? University bachelor at least, majored in packaging, material science or equivalent

Working experience:
? Prefer to have 2-3 years working experiences in packaging development, fresh graduate with master degree also welcomed.

职能类别: 其他





所属部门:Research & Development


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