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Jiliguala Online Tutoring Specialist

上海-黄浦区 1.3-1.5万/月



外资(欧美)   |  少于50人   |  互联网/电子商务

招聘若干人 03-24发布


Monday To Friday 12:00pm – 9:00pm office hours
Available during these hours to teach, but not required to come into the office

Jiliguala (JLGL) is one of China’s premiere online educational platforms. Established in 2014, this startup provides families across China access to digital libraries, educational videos, an online interactive kid’s show, and much, much more.

One of our quickest growing services is foreign teacher 1-on-1 classes taught through iPad. The 1-on-1 specialist will serve to teach a few classes per week, record demo lessons, help organize and induct other foreign teachers, and occasionally appear on camera for other video-related content.

Majority of the specialist’s responsibilities can be conducted from home, provided there is a stable internet connection. Most of the responsibilities for this position take place on evenings and weekends. An iPad or any other necessary equipment can be provided if the candidate selected does not presently have them.

Jiliguala is a small but closely-knit company that values its employees immensely. In addition to ongoing training and professional development, all employees are regularly requited with bonuses and raises when sales targets are met.

Primary Responsibilities for 1-on-1 lessons:
1. Teach a set number of classes each week
2. Be the default substitute teacher
3. Participate in the creative process of designing new lessons each week
4. Record demo classes for new lessons created
5. Assist with training new online teachers

Secondary Responsibilities:
1. Help with social media engagement
2. Participate in other interactive lesson as needed (infrequently)

1. Native English speaker
2. 1-2 years teaching experience
3. Bachelor’s Degree and/or TEFL certification
4. Currently living in Shanghai
5. Knowledge of and interest in digital gaming / online education

Send CV and all related questions to

职能类别: 外语培训师

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团队: 我们是个有梦想、有执行力、有远见的团队。我们拥有Google,Synopsys,腾讯,新东方等科技、教育公司的DNA。 两位创始人留美,有成功的硅谷创业经验。回国后,两人与顶尖科技和设计团队先推出了一款面向北美市场的幼儿早教应用,并被美国时代杂志专访报道。2015年,团队转战中国开发出了颠覆中国少儿英语教育模式的叽里呱啦。


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