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销售工程师 Sales Engineer

无锡 10-15万/年



外资(欧美)   |  150-500人   |  机械/设备/重工,建筑/建材/工程

2年经验 大专 招聘1人 09-20发布


This position is to open up the markets of Shanghai, Jiangsu, including reseller channel customers and industry owners, with a relative increase in sales for the East China region.

1.Find and develop new customers, new customers, including the establishment of dealer sales channel network and the owners as well as the region well-known design institute network.
2.Provide refrigeration technical support to customers.
3.Concerned about the latest developments within the market industry and competitor market developments, and timely reporting to the Regional Manager.
4.The weekly update JOB LIST Table, report to Sales Manager the latest progress of the project.

Required skills:
1.Engaged in the commercial refrigeration industry sales engineer jobs for more than 2 years.
2.Familiar with the refrigeration system and product knowledge priority
3.A refrigeration industry successfully develop the customer experience priority
4.Able to conduct sales activities independently
5.Strong interpersonal communication skills,and analysis to judge potential customers intent

职能类别: 销售工程师

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Innovate your career.
Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, a division of Lennox International, Inc., is the long-standing leader in the world of commercial refrigeration, providing climate-control solutions to customers in more than 70 countries. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the cities of Stone Mountain, Columbus and Tifton, Georgia, produce evaporators, condensers, merchandise display cases and other top-quality refrigeration products for our market-leading brands: Bohn, Larkin, Climate Control, Chandler, Kysor/Warren and Interlink.

Heatcraft has long been known for combining innovative technologies with precision engineering to design refrigeration systems capable of meeting the demands of the most rigorous operating environments. And it isn't just our products that are innovative, it's actually the way we develop them. We use a team approach for every project, working in collaboration with our customers to create smarter, more useful products that fit their real world needs. In fact, because our primary goal is finding perfect solutions for every customer, a large percentage of Heatcraft products are custom-built.

When you choose Heatcraft/Lennox International products, you know you're getting the best.
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As a leading innovator of heating, cooling, refrigeration, air-quality and related services, we are committed to helping our people innovate our products and their careers.
Join over 12,000 employees worldwide who continue to build our heritage of integrity and innovation.

As we strive to significantly increase worldwide sales and market share, we are seeking highly motivated and dynamic individuals to join our Asia team. For successful candidates, Company will offer learning and development opportunities with enlarged responsibilities, competitive benefits in the industry and desirable working environment.

You can visit the company website at http://www.heatcraftasia.com for more details.