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先进电子材料与元件博士后研究人员 (职位编号:181148)


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Job Outline:


University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) is recruiting a postdoctoral researcher in the area of advanced electronic materials and devices. The successful candidate will join a team in the area of Advanced Nanomaterials and Electronic Devices and report to Professor Jim Greer, Li Dak Sum Chair Professor in Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices. A competitive salary will be provided and opportunities to collaborate with leading researchers in China and Europe will be available.


The research topic will focus on the use of nanowires in novel new electronics applications including transistors and sensors. Simulation, electrical characterization and liaising with nanofabrication teams will be required. We are seeking candidates with a background in electronics, device physics, or material science. The ability to learn across disciplines and apply that knowledge to technology device design is highly desirable. As UNNC is a British university in China, the ability to effectively communicate through English is required.



A variety of projects are available relating to the use of quantum confinement in semimetals to develop high mobility transistors and surface chemistry studies to understand the electronic structure of terminated semimetal and topological insulators.







  • A doctoral degree in a relevant discipline including electronic engineering, physics, physical chemistry, or materials science;

  • Demonstrated research skills;

  • Knowledge of material science as related to electronic devices and sensors;

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills in English and Chinese;

  • Basic scientific computing skills for data analysis;

  • Evidence of past research experience such as a PhD dissertation, employment as a research assistant, or previous postdoctoral experience;

  • Good time management and attention to detail;

  • Strong problem solving skills;

  • Able to show personal initiative in design and conduct of experiments, and work to tight deadlines;

  • A team player who will help out others should the need arise.






  • A Ph.D. Degree granted within the last three years;

  • Experience in electrical characterisation of materials and sample preparation;

  • Knowledge of electronic structure theory as applied to material properties;

  • Evidence of previous skills or training on research;

  • Publication of research papers in journals;

  • Conference presentations;

  • A strong desire to achieve research excellence;

  • The ability to find new approaches when encountering challenges.




Main Duties and Responsibilities



  • Research in electronic materials and devices leading to high quality publications;

  • Electrical characterization and simulation work leading to analysis of nanostructured materials and the effect of material properties on device electrical properties;

  • Assistance in developing research proposals to funding agencies;

  • Laboratory management;

  • Participate in training and staff development schemes as trainer or trainee as appropriate;

  • Maintain appropriate professional development, expertise and awareness;

  • Undertake other tasks and responsibilities as may reasonably be required.



This job description may be subject to revision following discussion with the person appointed and forms part of the contract of employment.