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资深/高级 Android/Java开发


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Job Responsibility:

  1. Lead development teams and ensure deliverables following engineering process;
  2. Team member hiring, training and performance appraisal;
  3. Provide overall designs for software and data architecture;
  4. Review code for team with adoption of engineering best practices;
  5. Coordinate across teams to support smooth project executions;



  1. Major in computer science or related field;
  2. 5+ years of experience in Android application development, 2+ years of experience in team management;
  3. Experience recruiting and retaining high-talent engineers.
  4. Solid understanding of developing software system in Android, experiences in building embedded software products would be a plus.
  5. Highly motivated, energetic with good communication skill, integrity in work and respect for everyone
  6. Good reading, writing, and oral English skill



  1. 对团队进行有效协调安排,安排工作和把控项目进度
  2. 负责团队管理培养及人员绩效考核,确保团队能力整体提升
  3. 负责具体项目的总体设计和重要技术决策,负责系统软件架构和数据结构设计
  4. 参与代码审核及改善开发工作流程
  5. 参与跨部门或职能协调以确保项目顺利执行



  1. 本科及以上学历,计算机及相关专业
  2. 5年以上Android app 相关工作经验,2年以上团队管理经验
  3. 富有软件开发团队建设及管理经验
  4. 熟悉Android软件产品开发管理,有车载或嵌入式软件经验尤佳
  5. 责任心强 ,有良好的沟通协调力及团队合作精神
  6. 流畅的英语口语和书写能力

职能类别: 高级软件工程师

关键字: Android Java 导航 车载





Telenav Software is a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) owned by Telenav Inc. (NASDAQ: TNAV), a global-leading LBS products creator with headquarter located in Santa Clara, California USA.

Ever since establishment in August 2008, TeleNav Software brought-in hundreds of engineering opportunities to local labor market, specialized in development a hugely successful global mobile navigator product as well as exploring the blooming China mobile internet market with location-based social networking products.
Telenav’s mission is to help reduce stress, improve productivity, and make life more fun for people on the go. Our personalized navigation services help people make smarter decisions about where to go, what to do, when to leave, and how to get there. Our team works with leading automobile manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers to provide the technology, expertise, and award-winning navigation and location-based systems required to create flexible and integrated connected vehicle solutions.

西安泰为软件有限公司是美国Telenav Inc.(美国证券上市代号:TNAV)在中国投资设立的全资独立公司。