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R&D Engineer 研发工程师


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镇江  |  招若干人  |  01-23发布



Purpose of the role

Research and development of aluminum alloy plate products based on the existed alloys or for new alloys.

Core Accountabilities

1. Implement the safety first principle, follow HSE rules and safety operation procedures, timely report the accident and near miss events, participate in HSE training. Be responsible for the security of oneself and colleagues.

2. Responsible for research and development of new aluminum plate products based on customer' requirements, create Standard Work Procedures for the new products regarding process parameter and definitions.

3. Responsible for trial production or qualification of aircraft or commercial plates, following productions, arranging testing and reporting, analysis and solving problems in case of quality issues.

4. Responsible for quality and process improvement of the existed plates where necessary.

5. Responsible for supervision of junior R&D engineers.

6. Other duties assigned by the manager.


1. Master or higher degree in metallurgy, material science or comparable

2. Several years of experience in a similar position in the Aluminum industry, preferably in the production of rolled Aluminum products

3. Very good understanding of material properties and their relations to material composition, microstructure and process parameters

4. Sound knowledge of relevant material specifications such as ASTM, AMS, GB and others

5. Knowledge of industrial standards regarding quality management such as ISO 9000 series

6. Good analysis skills, problem solving and decision making skills, able to work independently.

7. Due to the international customer portfolio, sound English (at least communicative level) is highly appreciated






           Total land area 占地面积: 271,330m2
           Total workshop area 厂房面积: 98,000 m2
           Hot Mill Capacity热轧机年产能: 250 kt/year 25万吨/年
           Investment of PhaseⅠ一期总投资: 300 million USD 3亿美金

Large & High-strength Aluminum Alloy Plate for Aviation, Aerospace and Transportation Industry
The technologies of Aleris Aluminum (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd. are provided by Aleris Aluminum Koblenz GmbH, one of the globally leading mills for aircraft plates located in Germany.

Aleris International is a global leader in aluminum rolled specification alloy manufacturing. Aleris International is one of the biggest producers of aviation plate in the world and one of the five civil aviation material suppliers verified through airworthiness.Aleris products are widely used in almost every industry including aerospace, defense, automotive,transpotation,ship&yacht building,construction equipment,container and silo manufacturing, mould /tool/machine construction, electrical engineering, building systems &household sector. Headquartered in Cleveland ,Ohio,USA,Aleris currently has approximately 7,000 employees and operates more than 40 production facilities in North America,Europe and Asia.
Equipped with the state-of-art installations and technology ,and well-known for its cutting edge of R&D,efficient management and influential brand,Aleris Zhenjiang will produce heavy gauge aluminum plates with the highest quality standard to supply Chinese and global OEMS of aircraft industry including Airbus ,AVIC,Boeing,Bombardier,COMAC,etc.
如果你对相应职位感兴趣,请到我们的官网www.aleris.com 去申请