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1. 具备敏锐的眼光和较强的时尚预测能力,抓住时尚流行元素,把握图案的色彩、面料等流行趋势。

2. 熟悉各种设计手法,了解图案工艺。

3. 主要负责围巾、头饰等系列产品开发设计工作

4. 搜集整理流行趋势,搜集面辅料市场资料,整理汇总开发每季趋势方案,针对不同客户的色彩趋势主题,设计开发适合客户的产品。

5. 有一定的组织领导能力,能够协调图案设计部的工作。

- Knowledge of the market, good research abilities

- Knowledge and understanding in knitting/hand knitwear and multiple accessories products

- Do research and report on fashion trends of the season, via catwalk, street and market inspirations in order to make the seasonal presentation

- To identify emerging fashion trends and provide trend direction boards and seasonal color palette to the design team and specific brands

- Oversee the brand direction and vision for all client product categories

- Customers Monthly Online Store check and report

- Research and Select fabrics, yarns, finishes and styling details for all knit and woven categories

- Conceptualize the designs and develop into story boards suitable for the brand

- Create designs, sketches, CADs, textile prints

- Translate design sketches into detailed CAD forms and tech packs

- Product development and sourcing of new materials

- Factories and fairs visit

- Work closely with the Sales and Merchandiser on related planning to make sure that the designed products are accordance to customer specification and to ensure customers satisfactory

- A good understanding of the business and correct samples price processes

- Follow instructions well from both the Creative R&D, Sales and Merchandising teams

- Supervise design team and monitor the task progress to meet deadlines




3. 性格外向开朗,具有良好的沟通协调能力,乐于团队协作。

4. 乐观富有想象力,创新能力强。

5. 优秀的英语交流能力,能够直面与国外买手沟通了解客户需求。

6. 能够接受短途与国际出差需求。

7. 任职初期需要在义乌办公室工作3-6个月了解整个工作流程以及销售团队运作模式。(3个月起,最终时长视个人能力而定)

- Degree in knit/fashion design

- Good knowledge on textile prints making

- At least 3 to 5 years’ solid experience in APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES fashion designing

- Must have a strong sense of the aesthetic eye for color and detail and a sense of balance and proportion, and an appreciation for beauty

- Familiar with CAD, Photoshop and Design software

- Must be able to effectively interact with inter-company departments and outside factories and efficient in follow-up

- Ability to work independently and works effectively under pressure and can multi-task

- Good follow-up & communication skills and problems solving skills

- Must know how to prioritize task to ensure smooth workflow

- Outgoing personality, creative, hard-working, self-motivated and with initiative and positive disposition

- Good command of written and oral English

- Have experience of living/studying in US and Europe(welcome)

- Knowledge in the operation of business software (Microsoft Office)

- Please noted, this position will stay in Yiwu for 3- 6 months from the beginning ( depends on capability)