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1.  更新销售报表、出货报表、库存表等;

2.   采购订单、销售订单签订、归档;

3.   核***,月底对账;



1.  基本能使用办公软件,如excel、word;

2.  普通话标准,良好的人际沟通能力;

3.  吃苦耐劳,愿意承担更多的责任;







Founded in 1938, E. WINKEMANN has transformed itself into a successful medium-sized manufacturer of precision stamped metal parts.

Currently about 380 staff are employed at the site in Plettenberg, North-Rhine Westphalia. The customer base includes all major automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers worldwide.
In addition, the company has founded the subsidiary E. WINKEMANN Automotive (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., in order to better penetrate the important Chinese automotive market with local production.
For precision stamped metal parts, E. WINKEMANN is a competent partner for the implementation of customer-specific requirements. To do so, the company can use knowledge gained from 80 years of experience and the superior technical capabilities of its staff. Extremely precise stamped, embossed, bent, and drawn parts are produced on modern machinery with high level of in-house production depth.

All company sectors are subject to a continuous improvement process based on effective zero defect strategies. E. WINKEMANN provides a wide range of services from product development to serial production.

With the foundation of our subsidiary E. WINKEMANN Automotive (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Shanghai, we take advantage of the opportunities on the world's largest automotive market and thus ensure the successful development of our main plant in Plettenberg, Germany.

Manufacture and assembly of automotive components. Sales of self-produced products and provision of relevant technical services and after-sales services; import and export, wholesale of the products similar to the self-produced products

Work safety
At the beginning of taking a job with E. WINKEMANN GmbH, every employee is instructed in the conduct expected so that they are able to protect themselves and others from hidden hazards within their work environment. Important instructions are frequently polished up.
We provide necessary safety equipment and carry out training in a safe environment with our machines, other facilities and the materials used, and see these as an important investment in a healthy workforce.
Examinations to check on health are not just an issue for us during recruitment. Regularly prescribed tests, e.g. on-site hearing and sight tests and also needs-based testing by an external medical centre are borne by us.
Company managers are frequently advised by experts and doctors within a work safety committee regarding potential improvements in avoiding accidents and job-related illnesses.

Training at E. WINKEMANN GmbH

Qualified employees are the foundation of a successful company. For this reason we take on new apprentices every year and offer a guaranteed job. Training for guaranteed jobs was always the rule with us, long before such obligations were set out in a collective agreement. Our program covers 10 different vocational areas for all specialist sectors within our company:
Mechatronics Engineer, Tool Mechanic, Industrial Mechanic, Stamping and Forming Mechanic, Machine and Plant Operator, Warehouse Clerk, Industrial Clerk, Technical Product Designer, Materials Tester, Electronics Technician (all ***/***).

If you are interested in becoming an apprentice with E. WINKEMANN GmbH then further information on training opportunities for the next training year can be found under ?Vacancies“.