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Foreign Subject Teachers


广州新侨教育投资有限公司 查看所有职位

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SINGCHIN ACADEMY is the first school jointly set up by Hwa Chong Family of Schools outside Singapore. It is also the only member of Hwa Chong Family of Schools in China. 

It shall adopt and inherit the methodologies and characteristics of Hwa Chong Family of Schools to nurture students into bi-lingual and bi-cultural talents, and will be co-managed with Hwa Chong International School. The school offers a 12-year international curriculum covering primary, middle and high school levels. The school opens to students from all over the world.

SINGCHIN ACADEMY receives a total investment of one billion. It locates in China-Singapore Knowledge City. The ground-breaking ceremony was held in March 2020, and it shall receive its first batch of students in autumn 2021.

SingChin Academy is currently looking for enthusiastic, creative and qualified teachers for all our subjects in  primary and secondary school to join our community.

Primary level:Chinese, Maths, English, Art, PE, Music, Science, Drama.

Primary and secondary levels:PE, ICT, Design, Physique, Library, Counselling

Secondary level(Middle and high schools):Chinese, Maths, English, Art, PE, Music, Science, Drama, Geography, Ethics and the Rule of Law, Chemistry, Histroy, Biology, Physics, Humanity, Comprehensive Science, College Counseling.

The role of a subject teacher is to ensure high quality subject-related learning experience for assigned groups of students and to provide teaching and learning that aligns with school mission and vision. As a trained specialist, the major responsibilities of a subject teacher include but not limited to:


  1. Teach the assigned subject(s) and ensure a high quality learning.
  2. Take part in the developing and reviewing of school curriculum.
  3. Create, design, maintain, and frequently update an active, supporting classroom environment that meets school standards and requirements.
  4. Maintain close communication with other subject teachers, homeroom teachers and participate in related teaching or activities.
  5. Assess and report student learning according to school requirements.
  6. Participate/create/implement/attend subject related after-school or outside of class period activities.
  7. Participate or organize learning in curriculum-related tasks or projects, such as graduation projects, field trips or school camps, etc.
  8. Participate in collaborative planning to develop high-quality units, including transdisciplinary units, interdisciplinary units or module units.
  9. Fulfil assigned duties according to school requirements.
  10. Implement school-wide student behavior management policy process.




  1. Bachelor degree or above in Education or other relevant field from a recognized institution.
  2. International school education/teaching experience is preferred.
  3. Teaching license or qualification (Chinese Teaching License, CELTA, PGCE, etc).
  4. A minimum of 3 years of teaching experience in full time schools.
  5. Related professional development certifications in related field which includes but not limited to IB Training Certificates.
  6. Good communication skills.
  7. Basic technology skills/ computer skills.



Personal Attributes

  1. Passionate with education and with good work ethic
  2. Practical with Can-do attitude
  3. Self-motivated and enthusiastic
  4. Strong sense of responsibility and dedication
  5. Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  6. Ability to work independently while being able to collaborate in a team
  7. Globally minded
  8. A life-long learner
  9. Constantly pursuing development in both personal and professional contexts