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Sr. Java (Cloud Service)


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西安-高新技术产业开发区  |  3-4年经验  |  本科  |  招2人  |  09-05发布  |  英语熟练



工作职责/Job Responsibility:    

1.      Engage in research and development of search engine for navigation system, focus on quality improvement, performance improvement, semantic analysis, natural language processing, etc

 2.      Collaborate with different teams, involved in the entire life cycle from prototype, design and implementation of a performance-oriented, scalable and maintainable Telenav Content data platform and cloud services to improve Telenav infrastructure;

3.      Drive excellence and task delivery by leveraging agile methodology with local and offshore teams to deliver projects on schedule;

4.      Code daily using excellent coding habits, produce quality design documents, disciplined unit/integration testing and cultish commitment to code and process quality;


1. 参与导航系统智能搜索引擎开发,专注于搜索引擎质量和性能优化、搜索语义分析、自然语言处理等方面

2 .团队合作,与同事一起参与产品开发的整个生命周期。包括: 原型,设计,实现。开发出高性能,可扩展,易于维护的数据处理平台和搜索服务。

3. 使用敏捷开发方式,协调本地及美国团体,推动产品高质量按时交付。

4. 编写高质量的代码,设计文档,单元测试。      



1.  Bachelors or Masters’ degree in Computers Science or related field;

2.  Extensive software development experience in Java(over3 year), Or experience in C++(over 3 year) and willing to transfer to Java    

3. Solid knowledge and experience in at least 2 of the following areas: Data Structure and Algorithm, OO Programming, Design Pattern, Database Principle;    

4.Outstanding analytical and trouble shooting skills. Quick-learning, self-motivated, and a no-whining attitude;

5. Experience with NLP, Semantic parsing, Lucene/Solr/other search engines is a plus

6. Experience with embedded development(QNX/Android/…) is a plus;

1. 计算机及相关专业,本科以上学历

2. 3年以上Java开发经验,或3年以上C++开发经验且愿意转Java方向

3. 至少掌握以下2种通用知识技能:数据结构和算法,面向对象编程,设计模式,数据库原理

4. 具有很强的分析和解决问题能力,快速学习能力

5. 如具有自然语言处理,语义分析,Lucene/Solr或其他搜索引擎方面经验优先考虑






Telenav Software is a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) owned by Telenav Inc. (NASDAQ: TNAV), a global-leading LBS products creator with headquarter located in Santa Clara, California USA.

Ever since establishment in August 2008, TeleNav Software brought-in hundreds of engineering opportunities to local labor market, specialized in development a hugely successful global mobile navigator product as well as exploring the blooming China mobile internet market with location-based social networking products.
Telenav’s mission is to help reduce stress, improve productivity, and make life more fun for people on the go. Our personalized navigation services help people make smarter decisions about where to go, what to do, when to leave, and how to get there. Our team works with leading automobile manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers to provide the technology, expertise, and award-winning navigation and location-based systems required to create flexible and integrated connected vehicle solutions.

西安泰为软件有限公司是美国Telenav Inc.(美国证券上市代号:TNAV)在中国投资设立的全资独立公司。