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1995年格兰富正式进入中国市场,现设有1个投资控股公司、2个销售公司、 1个概念店,22个办事处、4个生产厂、1个研发中心、近1600名雇员,年营业额超过28亿元人民币,产品广泛应用在建筑、工业、基础设施建设、区域供热、污水处理等多个领域。除中国大陆市场外,格兰富中国还负责香港市场。




Headquartered in Bjerringbro, Denmark, the Grundfos Group, since its founding in 1945, has grown into a leading pump manufacturer with a global presence. With its 2016 sales revenues at 25.6 billion Danish krone, the company are operating 83 companies in 56 countries; its 17,942-strong workforce are producing over 17 million pumps each year. Over the past 73 years, Grundfos has been dedicating itself to the advancement of pump and related products and technologies and endeavoured to provide all-round solutions to clients.

Since its formally entrance into the Chinese market in 1995, Grundfos has established one holding company, 2 sales companies, 1 concept store, 22 offices, 4 production operations, and one R&D center, employing the staff of around 1,600 and generating annual sales exceeding 2.8 billion RMB, as its products are widely used in construction, industry, infrastructure, regional heating supply, and water utility. Besides the Chinese mainland, Grundfos China is also responsible for the markets of Hong Kong SAR.

Grundfos has been the world’s first pump company to be awarded the ISO9001 certification and has met the ISO14001 environmental standards. Besides, it has been the first foreign company recognized by China’s energy conservation standards for clean-water centrifugal pumps and has for years been a leading supplier to the country’s government agencies.
In 2007 Grundfos’ China R&D Center was set up in Suzhou. As the group’s second largest R&D facility, it is staffed by some 80 talented engineers from China and Denmark, who focus on innovations for environment-friendliness and energy efficiency. Joining forces with higher educational institutions, the researchers bends their efforts to pursuing ingenuity and energy conservation in product design and functionality for the specific needs of the Chinese market.

To date Grundfos has been a supplier for such prestigious projects as 2008 Beijing Olympic Pavilions (such as "Bird's Nest" stadium and "Water Cube" pool), the Great Hall of the People, National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Beijing, and the World Financial Center, 2010 World Expo Axle and Pavilions, Expansion of the Hongqiao Airport, Disney Resort, National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, etc.

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2年经验 | 大专 合肥 10-15万/年 05-25


1年经验 | 大专 上海 10-12万/年 05-25

Senior Solution Specialist- Control_市政水务_上海

5-7年经验 | 大专 上海 15-20万/年 05-25

Solution Specialist-Process_市政水务_上海

2年经验 | 大专 上海 15-20万/年 05-25


5-7年经验 | 大专 上海 8-10万/年 05-25


3-4年经验 | 大专 上海 8-10万/年 05-25

National Sales Manager_工业MI_上海

5-7年经验 | 本科 上海 30-40万/年 05-25


5-7年经验 | 本科 上海 10-15万/年 05-25

Service Engineer

3-4年经验 | 大专 上海 10-15万/年 05-25

Service Sales Engineer

3-4年经验 | 大专 上海 10-15万/年 05-25

Partner Business Development

3-4年经验 | 大专 上海 10-15万/年 05-25

Regional Product Manager_BD China_Shanghai

3-4年经验 | 本科 上海 20-30万/年 05-25


5-7年经验 | 大专 上海 8-10万/年 05-25

Senior Business Developer _BD_Shanghai

5-7年经验 | 本科 上海 20-30万/年 05-25


3-4年经验 | 本科 上海 8-10万/年 05-25


3-4年经验 | 本科 上海 9-14万/年 05-25


1年经验 | 本科 苏州-工业园区 8-10万/年 05-25

Product Configuration Engineer_苏州

1年经验 | 本科 苏州-工业园区 8-10万/年 05-25


2年经验 | 大专 苏州-工业园区 10-15万/年 05-25

Hydraulic development engineer_Suzhou

1年经验 | 硕士 苏州-工业园区 10-15万/年 05-25