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As the leading family brand in the world, Disney has been entertaining children and their parents with timeless stories and beloved characters for more than 80 years.

Over the last 25 years, the Walt Disney Company has also become a recognized educational provider by developing globally successful English Language Learning materials, producing countless educational programs and delivering classroom programs with unparalleled professionalism and enthusiasm.

Disney’s curriculum has been developed with the support of an advisory board of world class academics, including internationally recognized English Language Learning Specialists and early childhood development experts. They are joined by an unparalleled content development team comprised of curriculum writers, artists, and musicians, including Grammy Award nominated songwriters, along with other experts from inside and outside China.

Engaging child-friendly content, fantastic learning environment and the Disney English Magic Theater using innovative interactive white boards with projection technology imerses children in “authentic” learning experiences by bringing them on an adventure within Disney’s timeless stories and alongside their favorite characters.

Given that all children have their own strengths and unique ways of learning, Disney has created an innovative approach that will leverage these inherent strengths to help all children learn confident and proficient English.

Disney English hires only experienced teachers with excellent educational qualifications each of whom are provided with TEFL-C training and certification, a program developed in association with Teachers’ College of Columbia University. With the help of our trainers, your child will learn authentic English with an accurate native accent.

Our program encourages children to interact, learn and have fun with their parents and friends using our rich supplementary materials, including activity books, game boards, brand new Disney English music, our parent and student online “Home Connection” portal and much more. At Disney English, learning does not stop at the classroom door.


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客户关系顾问 Guest Relations Consultant 天河公园

1年经验 | 大专 | 招2人 广州-天河区 05-24

培训专员 Learning Partner - 广州福德

1年经验 | 大专 | 招2人 广州-番禺区 05-24

课程顾问 Course Consultant 番禺福德

1年经验 | 大专 | 招1人 广州-番禺区 05-24

英语培训师-本地 English Language Trainer_Local

2年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 广州-天河区 05-25

精英课程顾问 Lead Course Consultant 广州康王

2年经验 | 大专 | 招1人 广州-荔湾区 05-25


3-4年经验 | 大专 | 招1人 广州 05-25

课程顾问 Course Consultant - 广州天河公园

1年经验 | 大专 | 招1人 广州-天河区 05-25

课程顾问 Course Consultant 广州金海湾

1年经验 | 大专 | 招2人 广州-海珠区 05-25

Club House Administrator Intern-学习区管理员实习生

无工作经验 | 大专 广州-海珠区 16元/小时 05-24

客户关系顾问 Guest Relations Consultant 深圳华彩

1年经验 | 大专 | 招1人 深圳-南山区 05-24

前台接待 Front Desk Associate 广州康王中心

1年经验 | 大专 | 招1人 广州-荔湾区 05-24

精英课程顾问 Lead Course Consultant 广州金海湾

2年经验 | 大专 | 招1人 广州-海珠区 0.8-1万/月 05-24

Center Manager-中心经理

8-9年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 广州-荔湾区 2-2.5万/月 05-24

学习区管理员 Club House Administrator 广州林和东

无工作经验 | 大专 | 招2人 广州-天河区 05-24


8-9年经验 | 大专 | 招1人 广州 15-20万/年 05-24

培训专员 Learning Partner 广州金海湾

1年经验 | 大专 | 招2人 广州-海珠区 05-24

培训专员 Learning Partner - 广州天河公园中心

1年经验 | 大专 | 招2人 广州-天河区 05-24

培训专员 Learning Partner - 广州康王中心

1年经验 | 大专 | 招2人 广州-荔湾区 05-24

HR人事实习生 广州

招1人 广州-海珠区 18元/小时 05-24

学习区管理员 Club House Administrator 深圳华彩

1年经验 | 中专 | 招1人 深圳-南山区 4-5千/月 05-24