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外资(欧美)  |  50-150人  |  新能源 机械/设备/重工


NORDEX Windpower ( www.nordex-online.com)

NORDEX Windpower, is the Nordex's subsidiary company that works on the design, manufacture, field assembly and marketing of wind turbines, based on the experience of the group to which it belongs in the operation and maintenance of wind power facilities worldwide. It produces 1,500 kW and 3,000 kW wind turbines which have been designed from the point of view of the wind farm operator interested in achieving the best performance throughout the working life of the machine.

For years after having launched the AW-1500 -one of the most reliable wind turbines in the market of the megawatt segment- in 2004, NORDEX Windpower introduced the new AW-3000 at Windpower 2008 Exhibition in Houston (Texas, USA). It is based on the same concept of strong, reliable and durable wind turbine as its successful predecessor and extent our capacity to meet the rising market expectations. In September 2008 the AW-3000 was introduced in Europe (PowerExpo, Zaragoza).

Wind turbine assembly plants

NORDEX Windpower has five wind turbine manufacturing facilities, three in Spain, one in the USA and one in Brazil. Their total annual production capacity is 4,000 MW. NORDEX Windpower also has an assembly plant for hubs and other components in Toledo (Spain) and has opened a blade production plant in Navarre (Spain) in 2009.

Turbines in wind parks in twelve countries
By the end of 2012 NORDEX Windpower had installed wind turbines in wind farm in different countries as: Spain, the US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Australia, China, South Korea, Italy, Greece, France, Poland, Brazil, the UK.

A good part of these projects have been (or will be) carried out by other companies with which NORDEX Windpower has signed contracts for the supply of turbines. This modality will increase over the next few years.

Working on design since 1997

The technology developed by NORDEX Windpower is the result of more than fourteen years of knowledge accumulated by one of the most technical teams in the world on the operation and maintenance of wind parks.

The NORDEX Group's experience and acumen gained from the management of wind parks containing thousands of wind turbines of different technologies installed in various countries has been the cornerstone to the succesful development of our technology.

Shanghai NORDEX Windpower

NORDEX Windpower is establishing a wholly foreign owned company in Shanghai (上海恩德风力发电有限公司) with the goals of developing the market in Asia region, establishing a reliable global supply chain in China, and providing service to end customers using NORDEX Windpower technology.

We are seeking for qualified and motivated professionals who shall work in a global team oriented to results and mutual growth.

We offer a good work environment and career development in a promising energy field with a global leader in renewable energy and pioneer in sustainability.


公司地址:上海静安区广中西路355号宝华中心1806室 (邮编:200072)




production control 生产计划专员

2年经验 | 招1人 常州 5-8千/月 2020-02-13 14:46:26

Production control生产计划专员

2年经验 | 招1人 泰兴 5-8千/月 2020-02-13 14:46:26

Supplier Production Control Casting & Machining

2年经验 | 招1人 山东省 0.5-1万/月 2020-02-13 14:46:26

Admin. Assistant-Reception前台

在校生/应届生 | 招1人 上海-静安区 5-8千/月 2020-02-13 14:46:26

Buyer-Blade Material

5-7年经验 | 招1人 上海-静安区 1.2-1.6万/月 2020-02-13 14:46:26

buyer-Tower Internals-塔筒内饰采购

2年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 上海-静安区 1.2-1.6万/月 2020-02-13 14:46:26

Casting & Machining Buyer-铸造加工采购员

5-7年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 上海-静安区 0.8-1.5万/月 2020-02-13 14:46:26


招1人 上海-静安区 5-8千/月 2020-02-13 14:46:26
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