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外资(欧美)  |  50-150人  |  机械/设备/重工 仪器仪表/工业自动化


西斯特姆(中国)科技有限公司成立于2000年,是意大利西斯特姆集团在苏州投资的一家全资子公司,中国总部位于苏州工业园区,由于国内业务的不断拓展,我们已经成立了3家子公司为中国市场服务:2004 年佛山公司;2006 年淄博公司;2015 年北京公司
陶瓷: 目前提供技术先进的解决方案,满足陶瓷厂对装饰、存储、分类、包装货盘化和搬运的一切需求;
MODULA 立体货柜:MODULA 立体货柜提供最高品质的自动化存取解决方案,优化空间、改进仓储管理。MODULA 立体货柜的产品线不仅可以为您节省90%的空间,还可以提高拣货精度和吞吐量,为工作人员优化人体工学设计。
System (China) Technology was founded in 2000, invested by Italy System Group . The headquarter of China System is located in Suzhou industrial park, and thanks to the continues development of internal businesses we opened 3 more branches to serve better the Chinese market: 2004 in Foshan; 2006 in Zibo; 2015 in Beijing
The core business of System China are:
Ceramics: currently offering technologically advanced solutions meeting all the needs of ceramics plants in terms of decoration, storage, sorting, packaging, palletization and handling;
Modula: Modula produces the highest quality automated storage and retrieval solutions designed to optimize space and improve warehouse management. Not only can Modula’s product line help your company recover up to 90% of available floor space but it also can increase picking accuracy and throughput, add product security, as well as improve your workforce’s ergonomic functions.

西斯特姆集团总部于1970年在费奥拉诺摩登内塞由集团现任业务领袖和总裁Franco Stefani 创立,亲自领导研发团队。核心业务是为陶瓷行业和物流行业开发自动化系统,多次对生产流程进行了革命性的改良。由于我们将机电一体化领域的创新融入工艺革新,我们的专有技术已经覆盖包装、物流、内部物流和电子行业。实际上我们的历史就是工艺创新的历史。我们有数百项发明专利投入市场,有能力掌握市场的发展趋势。西斯特姆的自动化系统都是意大利制造,而且严格遵守明确的原则:国际化、生产灵活性、生产过程环保性、尖端技术。
Franco Stefani founded System in 1970 to give concrete form to his entrepreneurial vision. Today he is a business leader and chairman of System S.p.A., and personally leads the Research and Development team. The core business is designing automations for the ceramics industry and logistics industry, of which we have entirely revolutionized the productive processes more than once. Our know-how has then spilled over into the packaging, logistics, intra-logistics and electronics sectors thanks to the process evolutions we have introduced through innovations in the field of mechatronics. Our history, in fact, is about process innovation. Hundreds of invention patents placed on the market, a global market of which we have been able to anticipate the trends. System-marked automation is strictly Made in Italy and inspired by clear principles: internationalization, production flexibility, production process ever more environmentally friendly, cutting-edge technology.


公司地址:江苏省苏州工业园区新发路18号 (邮编:215123)





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