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外资(欧美)  |  少于50人  |  影视/媒体/艺术/文化传播


        法国国际水秀公司由多米尼克(Dominique Formhals)先生于1979年创立,公司总部位于法国和德国交界的历史名城—斯特拉斯堡。多米尼克先生继承了其祖辈们在水领域积累的实践经验,并不断创新和发展,利用斯特拉斯堡独特的地域文化,建立由浪漫的法裔艺术家和严谨的德系工程师组成的水秀团队,造就了法国水秀独具的艺术高度和科技水准,公司成立40多年以来,为全世界66个国家和地区创建并演绎了上千个水秀作品。
        联系人: 陈经理
        联系方式:132 4552 0206

Aquatique Show International is founded by Dominique Formhals in 1979, The headquarter is located at Strasbourg – a historic city bordering France and Germany. Mr. Formhals not only proudly carried on experience by generations in water show practice, but also being innovative and progressive; he constructed a team consist of French artist and German engineers base on the Strasbourg's unique regional culture, all contributes to Aquatique Show International's distinctive artistic and technological standards. Since our company established 40 years ago, we created more than1000 water shows in 66 countries and regions over the world.

Aquatique Show International provides water shows for theme parks, city squares, live performance and ceremonies around the world, that includes artistic creation, equipment customisation, installation, testing and programming. Meanwhile, we have the most comprehensive rental capability in the world to serve our clients with temporary water show needs.

Aquatique Show International (China office) is an unincorporated office in charge of Asia-Pacific region. The office is established at Ningbo, China in 2001; It is responsible for marketing promotion, expansion and customer liaison, also takes care of logistics support and customer service in Asia-Pacific region.

When made the first appearance at Tianyi Square in Ningbo, China with its magnificent water theatre creation, Aquatique Show International begin to enter develop the Asia-Pacific market, cases such as Giant Water Theatre for the opening and closing ceremony of EXPO 2010 Shanghai China, Musical Fountain for Kunming Changshui International Airport (2012), Xi'an Summer Water Show Festival, Aqua Graphic Water Curtain for InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, Giant Water Theatre for water street in Ningbo, China and the list goes on. Since then, Aquatique Show International has built up its prestige and reputation in Asia-Pacific region.

Aquatique Show International delegating Ningbo Huate environmental technology Co.Ltd.recruiting for our China office. We are welcome you to join the Aquatique Show International family, and start our "aquatic show" career together.


公司地址:浙江省宁波市金谷南路115-117号 (邮编:315100)





本科 | 招1人 宁波 0.8-1万/月 2020-02-22 10:09:15


5-7年经验 | 招5人 宁波 6-8千/月 2020-02-22 10:09:15


大专 | 招1人 宁波 5-8千/月 2020-02-22 10:09:15


中专 | 招2人 宁波 4-6千/月 2020-02-22 10:09:15


招1人 宁波 4-6千/月 2020-02-22 10:09:15


1年经验 | 大专 | 招1人 宁波 6-8千/月 2020-02-22 10:09:15


招1人 宁波 5-8千/月 2020-02-22 10:09:15
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