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    GTJA, a comprehensive financial provider with a long-term, sustainable and overall leading position in the Chinese securities industry, has gone through the whole course of multiple periods of the development of Chinese capital markets. While GTJA is always client-oriented and firmly based in the Chinese market and provides various financial services for individuals and institutional clients, it has established itself as a leader in the industry in an all-round manner. From 2011 to 2017, GTJA has occupied the top three places in terms of operating revenue for consecutive seven years. While GTJA is committed to realizing the high-quality growth and a leading position in scale, it also lays emphasis on its profitability and risk management. Since 2008, GTJA has been rated as A level of AA class for eleven consecutive years by CSRC, which is the highest rating for Chinese securities companies so far.

    Over the past two decades of innovative development, GTJA has gradually formed a culture of “striving for excellence on the basis of risk management” and developed into a leader in all aspects in Chinese capital markets and a leader in science, technology and innovation in the Chinese securities industry. Such achievements are derived from the consensus among all staff of GTJA on an interest outlook of client orientation and overall consideration, a business outlook of striving for excellence on the basis of risk management, a talent outlook of people first and joint cooperation and the living outlook of innovation and reputation cherishing, as well as the high identification and continuous practice of the consensus.

    Based on strong competitive advantages in China, GTJA will positively satisfy the cross-border demands of clients, practically promote the process of internationalization, develop a business network covering the world and executive capacity, provide comprehensive financial services for clients and strive to become a comprehensive financial service provider of significant influence based in China and expanding to the world.


公司地址:静福路27号朝南国际中心1楼101商铺(博爱学校旁边) (邮编:511500)





大专 | 招5人 佛山-南海区 0.3-1.5万/月 10-21


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1年经验 | 本科 | 招2人 佛山-南海区 0.5-2万/月 10-13


1年经验 | 本科 | 招5人 清远 0.4-2万/月 10-09


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无工作经验 | 大专 | 招10人 佛山-南海区 1.5千以下/月 08-26
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