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Oracle NetSuite 项目经理

北京-朝阳区 1.5-2万/月



外资(非欧美)   |  少于50人   |  计算机服务(系统、数据服务、维修),计算机软件

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Main Responsibilities:

A. Implementation Projects:
1. Good project management skills on project scope, requirements, budget, revenue, delivery quality and on schedule.
2. Able to deliver Cloud based ERP project, including business requirements collection, requirement analysis, solution realization, system configuration and testing, and cutover schedule, and go-live support...
3. Realize customer’s requirements with industry knowledge and Cloud ERP Netsuite characters
4. Delivery highly successful projects (implementations) to customers. Ensure customers are happy!
5. Conducting needs assessment.
6. Configuring proof of concept applications.
7. Creation of the RD document and aid in creating proposals.
8. Develop and extend the core systems functionality by developing new applications scripts and custom workflows.
B. Pre-sales:
9. Assist the sales team in product areas throughout the sales lifecycle.
10. Discovery meeting with sales consultant.
11. Mapping prospect’s requirements in Trigger products.
12. Summarize the solution based on requirements of prospect for sales consultant to maintain customer profile.
13. DEMO Customization and DEMO Presentation.
SOW stage consulting to help sales consultant with the proposal.

C. Management:
14. Coach consultant or trainee during project
15. Deliver internal knowledge sharing
16. Take as key contributor to company’s strategy
17. PMP certification or other Project Management certification is prefer

Make Trigger a Great Company. Build the Business. Create Value.

Main Performance Indicators:

1. Satisfaction scores(Feedback survey) from customers.
2. Project profit of each project.
3. Number of successful completed projects.
4. Personal development, knowledge, and skills.

Employee Should Develop the Following Skills:

1. Skill supporting the functional and technical needs of the sales cycle in CRM, ERP and e-Commerce applications.
2. Knowledge of financial packages and accounting principles.
3. Effective Communication skills.
4. Core skills of SuiteScript, javaScript, HTML&CSS

职能类别: 项目经理 信息技术经理/主管

关键字: 项目 管理 ERP





Company Introduction
Trigger Networks specializes in end-to-end cloud based ERP and CRM solutions for fast growing mid-sized companies based in Greater China and throughout APAC. Trigger have helped numerous businesses in manufacturing, software, pharmaceuticals, professional services, distribution and e-commerce to transform their business processes and participate in the cloud-computing revolution; the most important source of competitive advantage for SMEs in a decade. Trigger is the earliest established partner in the Mainland China of NetSuite, the world’s leading Cloud ERP provider, and has developed localization solutions to help our customers adapt NetSuite to the demands of Mainland China’s business environment.
In Trigger, employees enjoy continuous incentive platform for their career development, multiple training opportunities, plenty development opportunities and the competitive employee benefits including insurance, housing fund, commercial supplementary medical insurance and 10 days of paid annual leave. In Trigger, you will gain experience working in a fast growing company in a changing environment, experience what its like making a impact on the business, as well as develop a solid career, begin at an entry level position and will have the opportunity to become a manager in a short period of time.
特瑞格公司是世界著名的云计算企业管理系统公司NetSuite在中国第一家合作伙伴,ERP 和CRM是特瑞格的重要业务之一。特瑞格有着全面的技术能力和丰富的行业经验,这使特瑞格很快成为在亚洲迅速发展的企业的首选云计算器信息系统合作伙伴。随着云计算和IT系统的集成,特瑞格能作为一个单一的服务提供商满足您所有的信息系统的需求,包括NetSuite ERP系统,办公网络,CRM系统网站,POS财物管理软件和NetSuite软件培训。