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Key Responsibilities

1.     Exchange and dissemination of   scientific, educational, and research related information: The MSL via various   innovative TL engagements tactics and formats to provide dissemination,   clarification and education of scientific data, study protocols, meeting   abstracts, and professional literature.

2.     TL Identification / profiling /   segmentation and strategy and engagement planning: In alignment with medical   strategy as stipulated in the integrated brand plan, the MSL contributes to   internal understanding of specific TL interests, expertise and impact in the   medical community at large.

3.     Preparing reports and tracking   activities: The MSL submits timely reports of field interactions and events,   as well as tracks activities against agreed upon PMP objectives and country   medical activity plan.

4.     Interactions with Medical   Societies: The MSL answers medical / scientific queries of Medical Societies   with regards to BHC products.

5.     Internal and external scientific   support, training and education


Job Requirements:

1.     Master Degree or higher in clinical   medicine or pharmacology or medicine relevant , MD, PhD preferred

2.     Basic knowledge of therapeutic area

3.     Understanding of clinical trial   design and rationale

4.     Good presentation and communication   skills

5.     Ability to work in a team   environment

6.     Ability to work independently and   deliver results

7.     Ability to initiate, organize,   execute academic event

8.     Fluent English in literature   reading

9.     Capability of using professional   office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)



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