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GFT Recruiting Expert

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北京  |  无工作经验  |  招若干人  |  01-17发布


Working Task(details):
-Set up and optimize Recruitment Process
-Assistant DH in Annual Personnel Planning
-Organize Monthly Recruitment Plan according to Planning and Requirement
-Establish, update and maintain structure and workflow in ATS system,
-Maintain and update Job Description to ensure all in updated
-Lead PR approval process while checking Headcount deviation
-Draft Recruitment Advertising, Resume Screening, Phone Call Interview and Interview Organization according to the requirement
-Organize Internal Recruitment Process (AD. Interview, Internal Movement )
-Organization Interview Evaluation Summary and feedback results to Candidates
-Organization demand of Background reference check and Assessment, and give contributive suggestion when selection people
-Bi-weekly update the recruitment status and organize the discussion of strategy for concerned position with RD to find solution
-Find qualified recruitment vendor
-Organize Campus Recruitment based on demand and give suggestion on training plan for graduates
-As required by tkCN, regularly report the open key position list
Cooperation Scope:
-Cooperate with dept. managers on Recruitment
-Communicate with HR Recruiting Agent and School on recruitment
-Communicate with tkCN HR on recruitment issue
-Communicate with ATS Vendor on system management
-Bachelor degree on the business administration with major in Human Resource, German, English, Management or related major
-More than 3 years working experience on recruitment in manufacture industry. Experienced in Recruitment Project preffered.
-English& German fluent both in written and oral.
-Good computer skills, ability to work with Microsoft office tool very well
-Discret and confidential
-Ability to work in team
-Initiative and engaged in the job
-Organization and Cooperation with others
-Very strong communication skills
-Social capabilities and working altitude: Ability to manage the daily jobs under stress

职能类别: 招聘专员/助理