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Assistant Store Manager 副店经理

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  Major Responsibilities:  


Store General Management


  • Assist Store Manager in overall managing store sales and service, operation, product and people.
  • Act as Store in Charge during Store Manager’s absence


Sales and Service


  • Lead a sales team, define the sales strategy and achieve the team sales target, enable each team member to achieve their individual sales target
  • Ensure a high standard of customer service and experience
  • Lead team to build and maintain relationship with clients and develop VIPs, recruit new customers




  • Ensure the store operation standard of the store: operation, stock management, after service, maintenance, CRM
  • Be present in the selling floor as shift leader to oversee daily store operation. Assist team whenever required in the selling process or in any other operation




  • In charge of several métiers/product categories in terms of sales, visual merchandising, inventory control, training, etc.
  • Be responsible for market updates and give buying advises to store manager


People development and team management


  • Manage and coach the team: set objectives and assess performance, observe team on the floor and provide ongoing feedback and coaching based on their needs


  • Motivate team member with individual recognition via sales results, métier management, customer relationship management
  • Motivate teams, create a sense of team spirit, discipline and mutual respect, as well as dedication and loyalty to the company, recognize individual and team efforts
  • Ensure teams receive proper training regularly to develop customer service, product knowledge, selling skills and other skills for personal development






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