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Future Talent - Automation Service Engineer

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北京  |  1年经验  |  本科  |  招1人  |  05-23发布  |  英语良好  |  自动化



Would you like to start your career in a good company? We are looking for talented and highly motivated new graduates to join our talent programme and become the next generation of leaders in our industry.


Our Future Talent Programme - Technical Track is a programme that will develop your engineering skills and bring you leading technical knowledge in an accelerated way.


From day one, you’ll be delivering results as part of the team and hold an actual position. Your manager will plan the content of your programme and support you in your development journey. You will work in various parts of Tetra Pak and gain experience from a network of Colleagues all over the world. And that is just the beginning of your Tetra Pak career. After the programme finishes you will have gained valuable experience to help you continue your exciting career within our company.


As an Automation Service Engineer, you will be involved in the following activities:

1. Work with Service team to secure machine reliability through the automation and electrical system preventive maintenance / 通过对于自动化系统和电气系统的预防性维护措施,与服务团队共同确保生产设备的稳定性

2. Networking with Service team to improve process efficiency & quality & safety / 与服务团队合作,共同提升生产效率、质量和安全

3. Enhance automation Service team competence, delivery training to junior engineers / 提升自动化服务团队的业务能力,能够给年轻的工程师提供相应的专业培训

4. Potential project leader to implement and execute projects in the cluster / 作为有潜力的项目领导,能够实施并推进大区项目



1. Bachelor or above degree in Automation. / 自动化相关专业本科及以上学历

2. Fresh graduate or less one year working experience / 应届毕业生或一年以内工作经验

3. Preference is you have taken any courses or papers on PLC, robotics, statistics, fluid dynamics, software etc. / 有PLC 机器人、数据分析、流体动力或软件开发等相关专业优先

4. A solid understanding of computer programming & software development will be an advantage / 有编程或软件开发经验优先

5. Is willing to travel extensively in China / 愿意接受长期出差的工作

6. Good command of English and computer skills is required / 良好的英文沟通能力及计算机应用能力

7. Willing to solve problems with a strong personal drive / 愿意专研解决问题,能够自我激励追求目标达成

8. Good at analytical thinking and be digitally curious / 对于数字化应用有热忱,善于分析思考




上班地址:亦庄 东环南路15号(提供班车)




  利乐公司于1951年成立于瑞典,创新性地推出了一种耗材最少、卫生水平***的牛奶包装——利乐四面体纸包装,并成为当时最先为液态奶提供纸质包装的公司之一。通过在竞争中不断进步和创新,利乐已经发展成为向牛奶、果汁、饮料和许多其它产品提供整套包装系统的大型供应商。1991年,利乐的业务延伸至液态食品加工设备、厂房工程及干酪生产设备。今天,利乐能够向世界各地的食品生产企业提供一体化的食品加工设备、包装系统、分销系统、以及与这些系统相关联的技术咨询与培训、新产品开发与定位、市场培育与发展等全方位的高附加值“软件”服务 —— 利乐为客户提供的是系统化的整体解决方案。

  利乐在全球共有38家销售公司,42家包材生产厂,9家包装系统组装厂。公司拥有 22,896名员工,2011年度的净销售收入约为 103.60亿欧元,产品行销170多个国家。2011年,利乐共销售了1670亿个包装,为全球消费者提供了756亿升的液态食品包装。

  利乐公司创始人鲁宾• 劳辛博士在公司成立伊始就把“包装带来的节约应超过其自身成本”作为公司业务的座右铭。长期以来,利乐的经营活动和环保努力始终遵循 “4R”原则,即可再生(Renewing)、减量化(Reducing)、可循环(Recycling)和负责任(Responsibly),从原材料使用、产品设计,到生产运作乃至消费后包装的回收再利用,一切都围绕着可再生和降低对环境的影响来运行,并把环保业绩当作企业业绩的重要组成部分。



· 客户至上,目光长远
· 质量为本,创新不止
· 自主能动,担当责任
· 团结协作,乐在其中
Since 1979 when it first came to China, Tetra Pak has always been following a business philosophy of “growing with Chinese customers”. Committed to “making food safe and available, everywhere”, it continuously introduces its state-of-the-art technologies and equipment and comprehensive value-added services into China, playing a significant role in the development of China’s liquid food industry.

Tetra Pak was established in 1951 in Sweden. With its innovative tetrahedron-shaped cartons for packaging milk, which were highly hygienic and efficient in raw materials consumption, Tetra Pak had been one of the first suppliers to provide carton packaging solutions for liquid milk at that time. Through constant improvement and innovation, Tetra Pak has become a major supplier of packaging systems for milk, juice, beverages, and many other food products. In 1991, it expanded its product portfolio into liquid food processing equipment, plant engineering, and cheese manufacturing equipment. Today, Tetra Pak is a worldwide system provider, well-positioned to deliver integrated solutions in food processing, packaging and distribution, as well as value-added services including technical counsel and training, new product development and positioning, and consumer education.

Tetra Pak has 38 market companies around the globe, and operates 42 production plants for packaging materials and 9 factories for machine assembly. It has 22,896 employees and achieved in 2011 net sales of EUR 10.360 billion. Tetra Pak products are sold in more than 170 countries. In 2011, the company delivered 167.0 billion packages for 75.6 billion liters of liquid food products to consumers in the world.

The company’s tenet, A Package Should Save More Than It Costs, was set by the founder of Tetra Pak, Dr. Ruben Rausing, at the very beginning of the company in an effort to keep the consumption of raw materials and energy during the manufacturing and distribution phases to the lowest level. Tetra Pak persistently follows a “4R” principle in its operations and environment initiatives – Renewing, Reducing, Recycling, and Responsibly, minimizing its impacts to the environment. It has developed environmental performance indicators (EPI) to monitor and set improvement targets for performance in key areas.

In China, Tetra Pak has been an active participant in the fast growing dairy and beverage industry. In order to be a strong supporter to Chinese customers, Tetra Pak has invested a total of RMB 3.35 billion in China to reinforce its local manufacturing and technical capabilities. Today, Tetra Pak employs more than 2,100 people in China, operating 10 offices in major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. It has four world-class converting plants in Beijing, Kunshan, Foshan, and Hohhot, with a total production capacity reach to 60 billion packs by the end of 2012 in China, large enough to meet or even exceed customers’ fast growing demands. It also has a Technology Centre & Product Development Centre in Pudong, Shanghai, and a design conversion center in Beijing, which is Tetra Pak’s most advanced in the world.