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(此岗位的工作地点在扬州,不能接受得请勿投递,谢谢!)Activity 1: Product and Process Development & Validation for new programs 1). Work with Commercial to receive and control customer drawings and math data.2). Review customer drawings and math data and create engineering BOM and Process. 3). Order tool and validate tool according APQP timeline. 4). Conduct pattern layout study to support product and process validation and quotation (for leather utilization study). 5). Provide cutting secondary process study including cost, lead time and new process / equipment feasibility study timely to engineering director.6). Arrange functional samples (paperwork) building to support internal/customer validation.7). Work with Quality and production to review PFMEA and Control Plan.8). Define and optimize packaging design. Activity 2: Lead process improvement to get an optimized cutting production (including cutting and its secondary operation processes) for mass production programs.1). Define and maintain Bill of Material and routine.2). Construct and optimize cutting process flow and production line layout.3). Work with IE to calculate production cycle time to define capital investment and direct labor / indirect labor to support commercial team quotation.4). Design and source production tooling, jig and fixture to support mass production need.5). Work with quotation manager and material dept to define and improve package design 6). Ensure to work with lean team to implement lean production processes, e.g Standardized work.7). Lead process optimization in term of optimal parameter setting, process capability study, FMEA, DOE, yield analysis and improvement (process yield) and cycle time reduction.8). Flawlessly execute engineering change process to make sure production compliance to updated process9). Overall ensure production follow process definition and control plan. Activity 3: Establish and update technical documentation1). Create and update engineering bill of material, cutting routine.2). Create and update process flow chart .3). Work with IE to create and update production layout.4). Other engineering documents (derived from activities 1/2/4/5) control, e.g. PFMEA, Working Instruction, Flow chart etc.5). Train and ensure production follow the updated engineering documentation / specification. Activity 4: Cutting die construction and maintenance1). Construct optimized cutting die for new program.2). Manage and ensure right quantity and quality of cutting dies for mass production programs, ensure cutting die available and validated for forecasted production ramp-up.3). Manage in-house and outsourced cutting die maintenance activities, ensure maintenance process control meet EO standard requirement and TS16949.4). Upgrade cutting die construction, optimize cutting press control and cutting board selection to sustain long life usage of cutting die and cutting board and less die maintenance cost. Activity 5: Various Plant Support1). Lead process problem solving activities using 8 D / PSR format.2). Execute new equipment acceptance test and develop acceptance criteria for new model of equipment.3). Apply Best practice sharing from peer EO plants to proliferate to EOCN facility.4). Launch and APQP support: study and develop new process or equipment to match new requirement from customer.5). Support plant lean and 6 sigma project and initiate continuous improvement project.6). Provide necessary document and information and work with IE to get capital expenditure approved.7). Any ad hoc support requirement from plant regarding Cutting process perspective. Expected Skills & Qualifications:1). University degree with mechanical or related background. 2). Good written English. Be proficient in using Auto CAD.3). Over 5 year's relative experience. Multinational manufactory experience is preferred.4). Familiar with mechanical manufacturing process.5). Prefer on Seating Manufacturing experienced. 6). Must be a team player with good communication and interpersonal skills.7). Be familiar with automotive industry quality and supplier validation system, such as PPAP, APQP, FMEA.8). Lean and IE experience is must.


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