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重庆 进出口/信用证结算

贸易融资主任/文员 Trade Finance 盘谷银行(中国)有限公司 重庆-渝中区 0.6-1万/月 03-20


Position: Trade Finance Officer/Clerk Report to: Operations Section ChiefJob Summary:To be responsible for ensuring that all the trade finance activities are conducted strictly with banking creditline granted to the customer, organizing, supervising and directing activities of bills processing, import andexport financing, establishment of letter of credit and attends to customer’s inquiries. Also observe allrelated applications and documents presented by customer are in accordance with the Policy as well assupervise work of all bills staff to ensure all activities of the business unit are carried out in compliance with policies, rules and regulations of CBRC/ PBOC/ SAFE, relevant government authorities, Head Office and the BranchResponsibilities:· To review and check customer’s application and process all completed document on each applicablestage as well as work on dispatching funding request to Funding Section, check repayment advice inorder to ensure the transaction of both import and export businesses are processed timely and correctlyand comply with both Internal and external (SAFE) policies· To manage customer Relationships in assisting customer in all their queries on bank’s product and seekresolution to their requests as well as do marketing job in increasing fee based activities· To follow up overdue import/export bills and deal with customers to resolve problems relating todiscrepancies spotted on import/export bills· To perform and ensure registration/system update of Foreign Currency Loan, International receipt andpayment declaration, Commercial Bank Credit Rating, and Enterprise Credit Rating in order to complywith local regulators (SAFE/ PBOC)· To check and verify information prepared by Trade Finance Clerk, also prepare relevant informationfor developing both internal and external reports for SAFE/ PBOC· To control over the record maintenance/ filing of signed application, all supporting documents etc. tobe in proper place· To assist in risk management matters by establishing a framework to assess the legal/operational risksfacing the department’s activities· To timely update of both internal and external policy governing trade finance activities and establishproper communication among Trade Finance staff to ensure both internal and external policies areunderstood· To supervise, coach and train staff in Trade Finance Unit· To perform other tasks as assigned by Operations Section ChiefJob Specifications:Technical Knowledge· Bachelor degree or higher in Business Administration or other related fields· Well-versed in Trade Finance operations and ICC UCP PublicationsSkills· Hard working, detail oriented and service minded· Computer Literacy· Communication & Coordinating skill· Proficiency in both Chinese and English in particular good written and verbal communication skills· Familiar with local banking regulations and practicesExperiences· Minimum 3 years of relevant experience in international trading fields


会计 重庆点赞供应链管理有限公司 重庆-渝北区 3.5-6千/月 03-20


1、海外市场的订单审核、收款核销、应收跟进、及对账以及海外市场风险控制2、海外销售的佣金核算及复核3、相关海外业务账务处理4、海外子公司的账务及报表处理,以及海外销售数据分析和考核。5、海外子公司的其他涉税及与政府相关事宜跟进6、主持对重大投资项目和经营活动的风险评估、指导、跟踪和财务风险控制;7、管理公司帐簿、报表系统,及月度财务经营状况分析;8、负责内部审计并配合外部审计工作;9、负责整体税收筹划,协调公司同银行、工商、税务等部门的关系; 10、参与公司重要事项决策,提供财务方面的分析和决策依据。补充说明1、会计或财务管理等相关专业大专以上学历,英语四级或具有同等水平;2、为人诚实守信,责任心和保密意识强,认真细致,严谨敬业,具有优秀的职业操守和品格;3、较强的成本管理、风险控制和财务分析的能力;4、2年以上跨境电商外贸公司同等财务管理岗位工作经验,具有出色的财务分析能力优先;熟悉网络支付:paypal,信用卡(visa,master)实操经验者优先;5、熟练应用财务及office办公软件,对财务系统有实操经验者优先


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