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Dell Technologies - Finance Development Program

Location: Da Lian

Dell Technologies is looking for undergraduates and above (better postgraduate) to join Dell’s Finance Development Program (FDP), a global two year rotational program structured to develop Dell’s future finance leadership. The program combines four, six-month rotations with MBA style coursework to provide participants with a wide breadth of experiences and an advanced knowledge of Dell’s finance systems, policies, and processes. FDP is unique in that it offers increased visibility/networking with managers and executives, career development planning, soft skill training, developmental workshops, and a robust feedback/performance review process.


The coursework spans four semesters, parallel to the four rotations, and is divided between individual classwork and team case studies in the first year, and global team simulations and project work in the second year. Courses are taught by subject matter experts within Dell’s CFO leadership team and include topics such as financial statement analysis, investor relations, go-to-market strategy, field sales strategy and business management, mergers and acquisitions, treasury concepts, tax, cost accounting, pricing, advanced revenue recognition accounting, business transformation as well as in depth case studies.  Coursework and simulations are designed to enhance the participant’s knowledge of Dell finance, accounting, business and sales operations, and enable process improvement and critical thinking in rotations.


Essential Qualification:


1.       Japanese or Korean speaking as MUST to have;

2.       Financial background as NICE to have;

3.       Prefer Master graduates



Typical responsibilities within the four assignments include:

·       Interactions and reporting responsibilities to senior management and executives

·       Statistical analysis, planning, budgeting and forecasting

·       Process improvements

·       Competitive analysis

·       Field support and supporting sales programs

·       Building analytical models, and predictive models using data analytics

·       OPEX analysis and planning

·       Business case analysis and trending analysis

·       Internal controls compliance

·       Investor analysis and market studies


Ideal candidates have a 3.4 minimum cumulative GPA, previous business internship experience, excellent analytic skills, international experience (i.e. study abroad, international internships, etc.), as well as extra-curricular involvement.  They need to be leaders with demonstrated leadership capability as well as be driven, team players, self-starters, and flexible/ adaptable to a changing environment.




戴尔科技集团 Dell Technologies
  我们的发展历程始于两家公司和一个共同的愿景,那就是:让世界各地的人们可以更方便地获得技术。Dell Technologies 渴望通过强大技术来推动人类进步,因此在改变数字世界的过程中发挥着重要的作用。

  Dell Technologies 的目标是让世界各地具有非凡创意的人员可以更方便地获得更先进的技术,从而推动人类进步。

  这一历程始于上一代,萌芽于我们的创始人 Michael Dell 在德克萨斯州大学的宿舍。他相信通过重新构想计算机的制造和交付方式,可以为客户提供更强大的技术和更高的价值。
大约在同一时间,Richard Egan 和 Roger Marino 创立了 EMC;最初提供具有更高可靠性的兼容内存板,随后提供可扩展到企业级的数据存储解决方案。

  戴尔过去是直接向用户销售技术,而不是通过零售商店。而对于 EMC,则是推出了 Symmetrix 数据存储解决方案,从而彻底改变了数据中心在大型企业的运营方式。到了新千年,戴尔和 EMC 都已成为市场中的佼佼者。

  EMC 不断开拓新市场,以利用新的商机。他们寻找自行创造突破的志同道合的创新者。随后,EMC 大家庭迎来了 VMware、RSA、Pivotal 和 Virtustream 的加入,形成一个强大的技术集团。

  2016 年 9 月 7 日,戴尔和 EMC 联合进行了有史以来超大规模的技术合并,从而建立了 Dell Technologies。Dell Technologies 是由七家前沿技术公司(Dell、Dell EMC、Pivotal、RSA、Secureworks、Virtustream 和 VMware)组成的一家公司,利用强大的技术来推动数字转型,每天为客户和合作伙伴带来实实在在的成果。