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大连 进出口/信用证结算

Operations Officer 渣打银行(中国)有限公司 大连-中山区 01-24


  Scope of Role :  To process daily transactions of Trade, Account Service, Cash Management Service Team efficiently and accurately.  To fully observe the current policies, operations procedures, service standard and regulations requirements when processing transactions.     Key Responsibilities/Challenges:  · Strictly follow TRADE& ASU & CMS DOI JD, ensure the implementation of internal policy and compliance of regulatory requirements.  · Act as “single window” into cash management services, and scan transaction document to back office  · To maintain quality standards to ensure our services for related products, meets customers’ total needs and regulatory requirements/guidelines, and that continued effort is made to exceed customer’s expectation, insure all the transaction of customer can process successfully and timely。  · To check report and finish the product related returns in time, establish statistic and filing procedure, ensure the accuracy and integrity of original records, contracts and other materials.  · To perform call back as per the requirements and threshold of updated DOI.  · To perform signature verification (S.V.) for transaction amount according to signature verification threshold and pass to section chief/officer/Manager to double S.V. where dual control is required.  · To provide support and monitor investigation cases handled by Hub Centre, through satisfactory resolution with the customer.  · To be responsible for account related entry/deal checking, ensure the effective control of risks through proper authority mechanism.   · Help vet suspicious money laundering cases, where necessary, before sending them to Country Money Laundering Prevention Officer  · Daily work must comply with the Money Laundering Prevention Requirement and the Code of conduct.  · Shall be alert at all times to unusual or possible suspicious customer activity, and should report promptly any suspicious activity.  · Periodically to do compliance self-checking of daily processing, escalate according to acceptable risk threshold.  · Periodically to do job rotation and take mandatory leave as per annual leave policy.  · Be familiar with BCP plan and test periodically.  · Attend and finish internal and external training to be skilled and qualified for the job.  · Safe keep and register important key, combination, business chops, user Id password and critical vouchers, follow handover policy if applicable  · Periodically back up other staff job within branch operation if related concerned party is not available.  · Be familiar with the operation of CNAPS, including HVPS/BEPS system, and check the RMB transaction information via CNAPS correctly and timely.        Selection Criteria  · College/University degree  · Knowledge in PBOC/SAFE/CBRC regulations   · General knowledge of Cash Management Service and Accounting  · Creativeness in generating constructive new ideas   · Good command of both written and spoken English & Chinese  · Strong Organizing skills and Interpersonal skills   · Good Computer Operating skills  


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